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  1. I have not talked to my ex in about 3 weeks and have been doing a lot better since the break up in January. She texted me yesterday morning all upset that her keyboard stand is broken that my roommate accidentally broke in early December by losing a piece. So she has known it’s been broke. And I even offered to get a her a new one when he did that. I said sorry about that and offered to fix it or help her find a new one and if she’s fine with that great otherwise to have a great day/life. Did she just do this to have an excuse to text me? It was so random, thank you
  2. No my I just said my current ex is my girlfriend to abbots confusion about my last ex
  3. I couldn’t help but text my ex girlfriend. We broke Up in January, we talked/ argued a few times after the break up. It would seem like she wanted to talk about things and maybe work them out. She would text me asking how I am or accuse me Of talking to other girls and then we would argue. This happened a few times and she would Always end it by either ignoring me or blocking me. The last time it happened I told her “either talk to me or block me, I can’t handle these mind games” she blocked me and has had me blocked since(feb 12). I constantly think about her and how things went wrong when we dated. I thought it was okay to be friends with my ex and she didn’t agree, my ex also texted me saying things that wasn’t cool to my relationship. I later told My girlfriend and she got upset, I also didn’t tell Her about my past and bent the truth a little bit because I had hooked up with girls before I met her and wanted to forget. She got upset about these 2 things and it became an occurring issue. I thought she was over reacting. I saw she posted a picture wearing the locket I got her for Christmas and that she still had the flowers I got her from 3 months ago (don’t know if that means anything).I texted her through a text app today telling her I finally understand why she couldn’t let it go and that I am sorry for being dishonest with her and I understand why she left. I would like to work things out with her but if we don’t that’s fine, I just needed to let her know that I understand why she was hurt. Do you think she will want to talk again or not?
  4. So, my ex girlfriend still wears the locket I got her for Christmas, normally I wouldn’t think twice about something like that but it’s a locket that has picture of us in it that you can’t take out and she wears it a lot. I also found out that she still had the flowers I got her from 3 mo the ago even though they are dead. We broke up last month, talked a few times after the break up got in some arguments about it but have not talked since 2 weeks ago after she said she’s done ( which she said a few times and while we dated) I just think it’s weird that she had the locket and flowers. Does it mean she is not over me? She broke up with me by the way, thank you! :)
  5. I only did no contact with my ex girlfriend for 10 days but I broke it because it was my birthday and my co workers/ friends kept asking if I’m doing anything, if I’m going to see her. And I caved and texted her but she didn’t respond. I’m going to go no contact again for at least 30 days this time, just wonder if it’s a lost cause. she broke up with me and has been very confusing and all over the place since.
  6. My ex and I broke up a month ago and in that time we talked a few times. Sometimes we would fight sometimes she showed interest in hanging out soon, she asked me if I could bring her food once and immediately said never mind she doesn’t want to see me. She talked a lot about mistakes I made in our relationship. Last time we talked I told Her she needs to be clear because she keeps being all over the place and that I want to talk about us or she needs to block me on her phone and all social media. She blocked me, She had blocked me before and would unblock me After a few days. Was it a bad idea to tell Her to block me? Will she want to talk eventually?
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