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  1. yes I met him couple of times and he is super nice and very gentle guy when I met him. But suddenly he asked me this question. Why now, why did he not ask years before. Why is he keep hanging out with this girl when he wants to marry? he is my first boyfriend, so I don't know what is health in relationship.
  2. Stop thinking about her and think about yourself. Work on yourself esteem think how you can make yourself happy that is more important. There are solutions for your acne scars.
  3. I have long distance relation with my boyfriend for two years. He lives in Japan. He told me he wants have kids and I told him I am not ready at this moment of my life and i don't know when i am ready. One month after our conversation he met this British girl trough a language exchange website and they became friends. I knew about their friendship 2 months after. I didn't mind, because i know he really wants to improve his English and he is also bit bored. After the summer I had to go back to school. That moment of my life was really hard, I didn't had money and I need to pass the exam and find a job. So I was angry and sad a lot and I will react this frustration on him. So he didn't wants to talk to me. He spend long hours with this girl, so I told him not to hang out with her anymore. But he kept hanging out with her. Eventually I will cry and get mad, but he still kept hanging out with her. I told him I want to breakup. He will apologize but nothing will change, he still will hangout with her. Eventually he asked me to give him a proof from a dokter that I am able to have children , otherwise he will not marry me. He was married and divorced before, so he does't wants another divorce. My question is why is he doing that. I'm very confused! He doest wants to breakup, but he doesn't wants to stop talking to this girl. And now he wants proof if I'm able to have children. Why is he doing that?
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