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  1. Hey, I wanted to talk and express myself. I have been with this man for 4 months and everything was great. We were happy, we truly cared for each other, and always gave our time to each other. We even waited to have sex because we really liked each other. At a certain point when I went back home for winter break, and came back to visit, he seemed distant. We still exchanged presents that day, and he gave me flowers and read me poetry. When I went back home I asked him why he was distant, he said he did not know clearly and he needed time to see what was wrong and let me know. Eventually he told me we were at two different places in life, although we are both 21, in school, want a committed relationship, and he is a photographer and I am a model. I called emotional, we ended up both yelling at each other and out of anger he told me that he did not care if he was speaking out of anger, he wanted to break up. A week later we ended up talking, he wanted to be friends and I kept pushing myself to even though I wasn’t ready. I eventually felt horrible because he acted like his feelings were completely gone and I was like no one to him. After I asked to talk, he instead asked me to hang out with him. When I said I want to talk to him only, he started ignoring me and cut of all ties such as liking my pictures, and sharing locations. I later apologized for pushing to talk even though I should not have and now I know I need to move on and put myself first, but I am confused as well. I do not know if we both just realized his feelings weren’t as strong for me as he thought, even though he did so much to show me... or if it’s because he runs. His closest friends to me told me that he is not good at handling emotions, so when things get hard, he always runs. And I know his father has hurt him and he has always ran and avoided him too. I know I do not need someone who will run but I also am confused on what happened.
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