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  1. Guys how do you know when your husband talks too much about a coworker ? He's worked with her for 10 years and she is a real chatterbox by all accounts . I've met her a few times and she is really lovely, as is her husband. We are all a similar age. I've never really had concerns until recently as he brings her up 4/5 every day. We have both had babies in recent years and she is always talking about her babies, giving advice as hers as slightly older than ours . When husband talks about her in the evenings it's generally stories she tells him about her kids or advice she gives about them. Never really brings her up in any other context. He even admits himself that he's bringing her into conversation AGAIN before he mentions her. When he mentions her I just say to myself here we go again. I don't need to know what she does with her kids all the time. How would you feel about this ? Should I mention im uncomfortable with it? Could he be developing feelings ?
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