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  1. Thanks everyone for the advice! I appreciate it! I’ve thought about it and reminded myself why I got into nursing, I think my passion just doesn’t lay with surgical at all. Once I fishing up graduate year in a couple of months I will get back into oncology/ end of life care or mental health. My passion is definitely with them and I know I’d never feel overworked doing anything for those patients. Thanks again guys!
  2. It was quiet for like a week back in March but we have been getting a lot more trauma patients from other public hospitals, idk why. And we just get all the gen med patients still. And quieter can be worse because it isn’t actually quiet you have the same patient load and your patients are as unwell as usual but there are just less nurses on the floor. It’s actually better when the ward is full. Our elective surgeries started back up last week as well. Yeah I have been having a think and I’m fair sure it’s just surgical nursing that isn’t for me. I enjoyed oncology a lot more and I think c
  3. Thanks for the reply! Yeah most of the girls I work with feel the same with lack of support I guess and feeling run off their feet. It’s been worse the last couple of months due to covid and the hospital being very disorganised. I was meant to have an appraisal awhile back but it kept getting put off. I’ll speak up and re ask my manager about it. I feel like I can cope with a heavy work load, I managed very busy restaurants for years whilst studying nursing and I always get everything done and am organised but now I say it maybe I can’t actually cope with the thought of it and knowing every
  4. Thank you! Yeah I am thinking of looking into mental health nursing as well. I did really enjoy my mental health placements when I was studying and it was a very different pace compared to the surgical ward I work on now. I enjoyed actually having time to spend with the patients and actually feel like I met their needs. Definitely going to continue doing my research so I can make the right choice for further study :)
  5. Thanks for the reply. Yeah I’m a solo parent as well lol. I feel bad using the word slave! I really do enjoy the dirty work, I love being there for people in their time of need but sometimes I feel so overworked that you can’t actually work as well as you want because you have a million tasks to get done and end up feeling guilty for things you couldn’t do etc. I would probably enjoy it more if the hospital I worked at had better nurse to patient ratios.
  6. Thinking about leaving my job in nursing to pursue social work Hey! I’m a nurse on a busy surgical ward. I’m only nearly a year in about to complete my grad year. I love helping people and I love how social and fast paced my work is, I chose nursing because I’m very passionate about wanting to help people and be there for them in a time of need. I feel terrible saying this but I honestly just feel like a slave most of the time, and I’m starting to resent my job and not enjoy it. Most shifts it’s so hard to even find time for a quick break and so many time’s I won’t get to eat my whole shift
  7. Thank you everyone for your replies and advice! Just hoping I am strong enough to stick to my decision of ending the relationship & moving on.
  8. Thanks gottabeyou! That was a beautiful message I appreciate you writing it. I am sorry to hear you have recently gotten out of a similarish relationship. I am sure you are better off with out them. Good luck!! :)
  9. Very true! I guess I just keep hoping for a change that won’t come. Thank you for your reply :)
  10. Hi! So I have been with my partner for 7 years, I’m f 25 and he is m 26. We got pregnant young (yes I was stupid) so we now have a 5 year old daughter. I moved back home with my mum when I found out I was pregnant and was lucky enough to live with her for a couple of years until I had saved enough on my own to move out with my daughter. I believe I have worked pretty hard the last 5 years, I am about to graduate in a couple of months from uni with a bachelor in Nursing, I worked full time hours whilst studying to be able to pay for everything my daughter and I have. But yes I am still wi
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