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  1. Whoa, I'm really happy to have so many opinions about my situation! He is super anxious about most if not all things. He sure does like control and loves his ego. For example, there are times when he would make fun of me (jokingly but in a harsh way) but when I do the same to him he gets extremely frustrated that he sometimes won't talk to me for days. Back then I use to say sorry even though it's not my fault. I don't put up with it now. I ignore it and wait till he comes around. This situation now has gone way overboard. It's got me extremely puzzled. I question if he values me when he does this. I mean, I could leave, get hit with a heart break, and find someone new when ready. Does this ever instill fear in him? Ugh.
  2. Thanks everyone. Last thing I need is to be manipulated and controlled by someone. Quite frankly, I'm too old to be dealing with this nonsense.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm a little embarrassed and shy to go to friends and family on this one so here I go. My bf and I have been together for years. He's a very anxious man and worries about everything, even when it comes to sex. He is afraid of me getting pregnant. When we first started dating, it took him 1.5 years until we finally had sex. One stipulation to this was that I would need to tell him what future medications I take since some interfere with birth control. Simple enough, so I agreed. I am on birth control pills by the way. Fast forward 4 years. There was a time I got extremely sick, similar to a flu and was prescribed with antibiotics. As sick as I was, I took the meds to relieve symptoms and to get better. Well, after 4 years I forgot about this little stipulation and he found out when he saw the medication bottle on the countertop. He asked questions like, "How long have you been taking this?" "Does this interfere with birth control?" I apologized to him and told him that I took the antibiotics for 4 days and I wasn't sure if it affects birth control. He got extremely upset and told me that I was careless and that I should have looked into the meds and should have told him. A few days go on, I get closer to him in bed and he just flips over and faces the other way. A few days go by...then a week... and today hits one whole month of nothing. I've tried everything from dressing up in bed to being half naked. Nothing except me giving him BJ's. I know it's my fault but good grief... I feel like a worthless woman just giving BJ's with nothing in return. Not one ounce of affection, no endearment, nothing. Am I being too selfish?
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