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  1. How often may it happen that you may find a really nice guy? I am surprised about how fast people come up to conclusions about incompatibility? Shouldn't we try to giving it a little bit more time before giving up so early? Personally, I would try to make things work when there is something else in between: attraction and love, unless you are looking for something where you don't evaluate these things too much. You stated it in your post that your previous relationship became toxic even though sex was amazing!!!
  2. for personal reasons it is more than just a job. It is related with other things too.
  3. I cannot give more details for privacy reasons. But my situation is like this hoping so much for something to which I have put so much effort to happen. I am getting the response these days from somebody, and I want any idea on how can I attract positivity. I am afraid that by being so overhelmed by negative thoughts I ma going to attract the negative response, the contrary of what I am waiting.
  4. Please help!! I feel so bad. I am waiting for a response these days, which is really going to be very difficult if it is going to be negative. I really have worked for it through my life for it to be positive, but I just had a hint some days ago it is not going to be that easy. I really have strong personal reasons for wanting this response to be positive. I ma just about to leave my tears flowing but I just feel it will make things worse, it will awake and attract the problem. I really feel like there is nothing I can do but just pray. I feel a bit destroyed, cause I have been beleiving this thing for times. :( Do you have any better idea? Does any kind of meditation helps in this case?
  5. Help! I really don't know what to do. I am offered a job which i really do like it very much in another country far away from mine. Everything went perfect in the interview except for my working visa. I think they didn't like that much that I do need a visa to work there. It sucks because if it wasn't for that I could have had that job. Now I am making a research about what it needs to be done from their part. They just need like 2-3 documents which don't take very long, I think and also they need to pay a tax which is a considerable high amount around 600Euros. They told me they would review the part of the visa and will come back with a decision. Do you think I should offer to pay that tax by myself?? Maybe that would be something they wouldn't consider to pay for somebody they would hire. Or is that something that all the companies can do and no need for me to offer this. They haven't asked for this yet, but Im just thinking if I could offer this previously than taking any negative response from them. At the end of the day the service is beneficial both sides, so they also get services from me, but the idea is that I dont have any previous experience , so I doubt any other company would offer me a job like this and pay all that amount for me. Im pretty rational tho. I really need that job. Please some responses from somebody who has had other experiences like this. In my country this is a whole monthly salary but I can borrow it from my family, I find it worthy. Thank You!!
  6. Would you guys choose a job that is 15 min from where you live walking, but which is a new one, or another one where you feel more connected with people since you have been working there for one year and you have very good colleagues there, but which is 20 min by bus and which means that during the whole day you cannot get home during breaking hours? All the other conditions are the same. P.S consider that some relaxing at home is really important when working 8h + 2 breaking hours just like in both of these places.
  7. I surmise your point is having the interview and then having the courtesy to decline it afterwards.
  8. I still feel a bit confused. Is it rude to tell a company after an interview that you are not interested anymore if they want to hire? Also what about canceling an interview if I have arranged it but I am accepted by another company? Which one is worse to cancel the interview or to have it and notify later?
  9. I mean I am a student but still wanna work almost full time. Most of the companies but these ones offer internships and not full time jobs in these cases.
  10. Yeah, makes sense anyway my case was a little special. Thank you guys
  11. Reasonable!! But let´s say I am accepted by another company, should I talk to them and notify or just let things as they are? Thanks
  12. Hello, I was looking for some professional advice in google and I found out this forum. This is my first question here I am in a situation like this. I had a practice in a company in my city and in my last day there I had a talk with my supervisor and told him that I would like to have any job opportunity there. He was positive about that and told me that the company would be opened for that. So I sent him my CV as I was told. For the moment I am unemployed since the practice ended. Some weeks after, my supervisor emailed me telling me that he already sent my application to the central branch of the company and he was positive that they may hire me, but again he told me he would write to me s soon as he has a response from them. Now one month has passed after that email and I have got no response. I am sure that they are a very serious company, so no doubt they will tell me either if the response is positive or negative. And also the company is a really good one and I had a great experience so it is worth waiting for some time. BUT... the problem is I need a job as soon as possible. So I am home, unemployed and I am still waiting if they do agree to invite me for an interview/hire me. Meanwhile I got an invitation for interview from a second company I have applied previously to. Now I am a bit confused since I don't want to look rude to anyone of them. 1. Should I write to my supervisor to ask him if I could proceed with something else? 2. Should I tell the second company that I am interested for the interview but I am still waiting for another response from another company? 3. Should I take the second interview and not tell anybody anything (but consider also the consequences I may look rude to the first company, since it was me who asked them to work there). Thank you! I hope this fulfills teh rules of a post here.
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