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  1. I’m hoping she comes round :(. I introduced her after 4 months. She was the first girlfriend I introduced her to since me and the mam broke up
  2. Yes my lesson was learned. And that’s why we got back together at the time. Believe me I haven’t done such a thing since! 6 months down the line she would get the trust issues out again which I totally understand! She was a great friend to my daughter too! Which makes it 10 x bloody worse
  3. Long story short, I met up with a few friends I hadn’t seen for a while. We got chatting to a bunch of girls (no intention to do anything with these girls) we went back to their hotel to keep drinking. I fell asleep and woke up in a panic. (Nothing happened) This girl new my name and searche for me on Facebook. Then the message was sent to my girl friend. I don’t know if she did it out of spite as I turned her down or she thought things were going to happen. I should not have been in that hotel I know but there was no intention other than just keep drinking.
  4. So here’s the deal. I’m 30, me and my girlfriend we’re together for just over a year. Fully in love with eacother! 6 months ago something happened where a nasty woman Messaged my girlfriend saying that I slept with her (I hadn’t) now I totally understand why my girlfriend would freak out. Any way, we sorted that issue, however, since then she did not trust me. Every little thing I did would cause that subject to be brought back up! 3 weeks ago she ended things with me as she did not trust me! She’s blocked my number saying she had to get over me. She has not blocked me on face book?! But only left 1 photo of us up on there! I have gone no contact for 2 weeks now and it’s been hard. From a girls point of view, will she eventually contact me? Or how do I go about contacting her via face book?
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