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  1. Yes he does normally work and I never thought that could be why
  2. He doesn't work at the moment cos he's waiting on word about his back as he may need an operation he doesn't know yet
  3. Me and my partner have been together a long time we have 2 children together one who is 14 and the other 1 the thing is the past few months he's been constantly buisy doing stuff like fixing things etc and I've been in living room nearly ever night myself with the wee one I don't mind as he's one for keeping buisy but he seems to have got more and more than he used to he doesn't even come to bed till 3 or 4 in the morning am not asking for much just a bit of us time I lie in bed myself most nights I feel as though he's avoiding me or is it me is there a problem somewhere if it was the other way around he wouldn't like it its really getting to me but I don't want us to start arguing sometimes he won't even eat dinner with us as he's doing stuff at the same time he does have a bad back and sitting down too much does make it worse but he's always had this and then he said he doesn't want to watch soap operas with me there not on all the time last night there he went round to his mates which I don't mind but that's a new thing aswell I just don't know is it me being selfish or what
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