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  1. Thank you for your enthusiasm. I appreciate that. we will be more careful
  2. i'm not uncomfortable to say that word. I just mean that y'all know what I'm talking about.
  3. Yes We're learning stuffs now, so there is something we still dont know yet. Thank you very much
  4. I'm not on birth control cause we decided to not having sex until marriage.
  5. haha Well but all you guys know what the "thing" is, so....
  6. Yes, Thank you for your advice. We do read and research about sexual things to build up our sex education. The thing here is he has an anxiety attack about this and it makes me even worrier.
  7. Yes we do know they don't go through underwear. we also researched about how long sperm would survive in my mouth (saliva) on google. Anyway, Thank you for your advice.
  8. He fingered me and sucked his fingers and fingered me back. that's what we're scared of cause semen could transfer to his fingers.
  9. because sperm or semen could survive in mouth for up to 2 days (moist enviroment). so when i was sucking his thing. probably semen is still in my mouth. i told my bf it's gonna be okay. but he had an anxiety attack so I need to make sure that everything is fine and i can not get pregnant from this
  10. So my bf and I had oral sex yesterday. We're both 19 and we're not ready for pregnancy yet. I gave him a BJ and HJ, I sucked his "thing" for 15 mins and we started kissing, after that he fingered me and sucking his fingers. Plus i don't allow him to get down on me (Like his mouth touch my vagina) . I still wore my underwear. I'm wondering if his sperm or semens are still alive in my mouth. (He didn't ejaculate into my mouth, I just gave him BJ), he ejaculated after kissing and fingering. Could I get pregnant from this? Thank you.
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