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  1. Thank you wise man. He is such gentleman I can't believe I know him. I have a lot to learn about his country and language too.
  2. Hi, I had a conversation with my BF yesterday. He lives far but he was at our favourite place yesterday and watching a show that we first watched together when we first met. it is a show you can walk up to and watch and I think he often goes anyway. He sent me a pic of it and made me all happy. Then he said he misses me which I said I did too. We have two weeks booked away together soon. I said I can't wait to see him and then he said thank you for everything. He has never said that before and I wonder is that a sign of something wrong in the relationship. I know how can a positive thing be a bad sign. Then we chatted about a show we might see when we are away. Then he says he had to go and I thought no problem he needs to rest he works hard. Then today no messages. Which I am glad as we talk everyday and I think it is best to chat every couple of days rather than every day. I really tried hard not to message today and I have stuck to it. I just hope he still wants to meet up as I am really really into him. We have flights and hotels booked and I have arranged to be on the same connection flight as him and paid for his seat so we can fly together. I just want to hold his hand. We both like planes so that would mean a lot to me. Any advice on the thank you for everything, or am I looking into all of this too much. Thanks,
  3. Well, Tawanda i did actually get to know the other person before i did that. We get on very well and shared something. It is not a new concept to me thank you for your advice.
  4. Hi Wiseman2, Well i suppose if you look at it from the start then three months but we met when i was abroad then i continued with my travels and we met up in my final destination as he said he could meet me there. Had the first two days then not seen each other for three weeks as i was traveling. My final destination was when myself and he felt things really started kicking off between us. We are going to meet again for a good period of time and will use this time to see if this we want to progress any further with it. I hope we can as it certainly seems that way. We live thousands of miles apart from one another but i am moving much close to him this year purely because of my career, not just upping sticks for him alone. I told guy two everything he seems okay with but you never know. I don't think guy one or two know each other but you never know.
  5. Thanks RedDress, no conversation about exclusivity when we met. I didn't even think about it at the time. When met for the second time we started to feel things for each other and the i love you was used. But a month after this we started using the boyfriend term, which seemed appropriate at the time.
  6. Okay so, I would like some advice about whether I have cheated or not. I met someone a few months ago and we are still going strong. But when we first met we really connected straight away. So we had great two days together. Then we had to go our separate ways but agreed to meet up in three weeks time. However, I looked at this at time and thought this might not happen and may never seem him again, so i will go with the flow and see what happens. I wasn't going to put my life on hold. Anyway three days after seeing him I met someone else got on really well and we slept together. But after meeting the second person the first person then says they have made arrangements to now meet with me. So i thought right this looks like it maybe a bit more serious, so after this I didn't do anything with anyone else. Ever since it has just been me and the first person. I couldn't meet anyone else as this first is so lovely oh you couldn't ask for anyone better. I think over the months that have now gone by i have come learn a lot more about the first person and i really like him. We say we love each other but we have not had the physical time to connect as we are long distance. So is this cheating? Thanks
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