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  1. I'm going to leave him before Mexico. I can't do 2 weeks on another continent with him.
  2. I spent the weekend in another city helping a girlfriend through a difficult time. He knew this. On Friday he was looking through old photos because he has to do a brief presentation about his life history at work. I was on the train and asked him to send me his favourite photo. He sends me a photo of him and his ex-girlfriend in Portugal. Apparently he thought it would be funny because my Mom now lives there. On Sunday I'm coming back on the train to London and he texts saying "I’d love to see you tonight but my cough isn’t fully gone. I didn’t have any issues with it last night but I am worried it might flare up again and keep you awake". He does this all the time, says he wants to see me but already includes excuses at to why he might not be able too. Anyway, I told him that he should stay home, get some rest and hopefully cure that cough. I called him when I got home and I found out he had just been out for dinner with his ex-girlfriend. The same one from the picture. They're friends. I then said, "oh cool, so you're ok enough to come over to mine?" And he said "no, I don't really want to catch anymore cold air. I think I should stay in". Is this normal/nice behaviour? Would you accept it? Also, we have only been dating for 8-9 months! Also, we're going to Mexico on Saturday for 2 weeks. What do I do? Do I go? Do I dump him? The trip cost so much money ...
  3. I've asked him so many times if he has any fantasies or things he'd like to do in the bedroom. He says he doesn't. I wear lingerie and I try to be sexy. The other night I tied his hands back (because once he mentioned that he thinks this is hot) but he had half an erection throughout and took ages to finish :( He keeps telling me that I'm insatiable and it makes me feel terrible. I've never been told by any other man that my sex drive is too high. Usually it's a bit lower than my partner. We haven't watched porn together. Although the other day he sent me the instagram account of a couple who travel the world and make porn.
  4. He says that sometimes he has sex when his body isn't really in the mood for it and then regrets it and says that we probably shouldn't have had sex. Even though it's usually him that will initiate sex. I've become too insecure to initiate because since the beginning of our relationship he often tells me that he's not in the mood.
  5. I guess he did tell me early on because he sensed we weren't having much sex and because for the first 2 months he couldn't perform. I didn't think I'd be able to change him, I thought he might want sex more once he was more comfortable with me. He said he couldn't perform because he was nervous and I had no reason to not believe him. He now can perform but seldom is he very "enthusiastic" (if you get what I mean). He's super comfortable with me now and he tells me that he wants to get married. I don't think this all adds up. It's my fault that I didn't listen.
  6. We've been dating for about 9 months. I'm 31 and he's 30. Since the beginning, he claims to have a low sex drive and says that he's at his limit on the amount of times we have sex per week (2-3 times during a good week). He'll also sometimes regret having sex after we've had it and tell me. He doesn't hide the fact that he watches porn and masturbates to it. Although I don't know how often he does it. Other than that he tells me that he loves me all the time. Do I need to accept that he's just not that attracted to me even though maybe he does love me?
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