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  1. Doesn't really matter I will remove myself
  2. I work on farm in the country on my own property and was just asking in the start how does one know where middle ground is in a relationship
  3. I think I found the answer. But being isolated the internet is the only way to stay in touch with friends.
  4. It seems to use it what it was made for. Information
  5. Thank you for such kind words. I have always found a magnet does the haystack dilemma. But pointing in the right direction of the haystack would help
  6. Thank you for understanding. It's not easy admitting when your all alone even if it is all in one's head. I gave up false pretence long ago. Probably why my real life friends list is so low. Only a few see the real me which is clumsy at the best of times.
  7. To find someone adult enough to know what they want and how they want it is so difficult. Even in life people don't say what they mean and I have been burnt a few times trusting
  8. Online these days there is more anticipation, especially over long distances. But then again someone at the end of the street can be a jerk. You just find out sooner.
  9. Sorry was trying to be delicate. So here's the thing in the past having come across girls that want to cyber chat usually want gifts or money to keep telling how good I was when I called them on it. I wasn't so desirable. So was just wondering if there was a middle ground or was I just being a fool. Online relationships are just as real as flesh and blood ones
  10. So how do find out how she wants it if there is no room to move
  11. Was just wondering if there was any middle ground between reality and fantasy in a Cyber relationship
  12. Why isn't there a cyber girl who just wants to see the words and imagine
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