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  1. I just really love her and hoping someone will just tell me I'm just jealous and paranoid. I've offered an open relationship option many times so at least I could get some peace of mind. But she always says no and gets upset telling me how she's always been faithful to me. Normally I would have called it quits long ago and for less, but I just love her so much.
  2. She made me read a page out of it and saw the next page. We're both 30. We get along in everyway and are on the same page. It's just her history and my trust issues.
  3. She wants a lot of a lone time. She doesn't consider cheating a deal breaker. I saw in her diary she has an obsession with men in power in D.C and see had to pull a lot of strings to get the company to let her go too.
  4. She's loves and is very caring of me. We've been together a while and she's expecting me to propose soon. She told me in the beginning she has a flirty personality, but wouldn't do anything to hurt me. For the most part our relationship is great. We spend a lot of time together we're together all the time with a couple hours is off. I have some jealous Tendencies sometimes and over think what she could be doing when we're apart. She did tell me she did cheat on her first bf a long time ago. And that she still keeps I touch with her exes. She told me that she needed absolute freedom in a re
  5. I'm ok with her issues, I have mine. It's a cultural thing, she can't cut them out.
  6. I'm sorry it's complicated... different girls. We've been seeing each other and doing our thing. We finally committed in December.
  7. Yes, she's on medication for depression. Her family issues are very bad, I've seen first hand. She showed me some of her mother's text earlier in the day, very shocking. It peaked and she started drinking and said she was feeling suicidal.
  8. I'm a jealous guy. They have history. They had drinks, she was vulnerable, and she spent the night.
  9. We've been together for 2 years. I got her an engagement ring and we're planning for the next stage in our relationship. I believe something happened. She said only 2 people know her family situation, her best friend who was unavailable and him. They been broken up for a decade and stay in touch. He works on her car for free and she gives him free legal advice from time to time.
  10. Hi Everyone, I was out of town this past weekend and had limited use of my phone. My girlfriend had some serious family issues transpire. I witnessed some of this before I left to know it was very serious. She was very depressed and had a few drinks. Since I wasn't available, she turned to her ex. They are friends and do favors for each other. I've met him before. They had drinks and she fell asleep the night at his place. My girlfriend told me about it right when I got back. She told me nothing happened and she just needed someone to be there for her. I was upset. She said nothing happ
  11. Thank you. I'm in this pretty deep. I love her with all my heart. She was open about this kind of thing at the onset and I said it's ok. She offered to quit her job and block this guy for me, when I told her it was really bothering me. I'm the one who said no, that I will have to deal with it. I can look past this now, but in the future when she does go to D.C. its going to bother me again. At that point I would probably have proposed to her by then. Part of this is me being a really jealous and insecure too. I would be throwing away a lot and I would be devastated to break up
  12. I would pretty much be breaking up with her for something that hasn't happened yet... Nothing would realize for months from now (if it did). Or I have trust her that she wouldn't cheat on me.
  13. Hello Everyone, I just put my plans to propose to my girlfriend on hold because of this issue. We discussed this in the past and I understand the need to flirt in business to achieve one's goals. The understanding is as long as it doesn't go past flirting and become anything physical. I'm in a supervisory position and female co-workers flirt with me all the time to try to get what they want, so I get it. But our roles are reversed. She's in politics so she is flirting with a person in a position of political power. The guy is in D.C. and she is here with me in the midwest. T
  14. Hello, It was New Years Eve last night. My girlfriend and I were celebrating a bit excessively. She doesn't use birth control and we rely on the pull out method. We had Intercourse the first time and I pulled out like normal. But we then did it a couple more times in a row without breaks. I didn't ejaculate the subsequent times, but am concerned sperm could have been in my precum. To complicate matters we broke up this morning. I want to ask her to consider plan B, but feel that will make things worse. I want her back, but I think this is something that will definitely end our relationshi
  15. Hello, We've been dating about 2 months now. Everything is going well. In the beginning, she said she wasn't sure about committing right away because her work schedule and her availability. I told her I wouldn't rush her. We've gotten more serious over the weeks. But she has been saying how I should date other people to see if there's anything better so that I would know that she is the one. She said she would not be seeing anyone else, but wants me to be sure. She said she wants me to date but not have sexual relations. I've been telling her that I only want her, but she won't drop it.
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