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  1. No, we've never met in person. But I'm very aware she's not a catfish. We've video chatted multiple times and even our parents spoke once on call a few years ago. It feels distant but not literally, more emotionally.
  2. So I have a girlfriend, who's been my best friend for the past 5 years online, but we only kind of recently got together 5 months ago. We both have our problems and flaws on both sides, as does everyone, but i'm starting to think a lot of it is on my side. I have a lot of self esteem issues i'm trying to work on, and she's already said she hates it when i put myself down, it makes her just feel like leaving (not leaving the relationship), anyway- I'm trying not to make this too long but i'll cut to the chase, sometimes it really feels like we're not as close as we can, or should be. I let s
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