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  1. I know deep down that that’s what I need to do, but it just sucks a lot, and a huge part of me just wished he’d change his mind. Also I forgot to add that after at the end of our last meet up, he’s said that he’d take me out again to catch up in a few weeks after he gets back from his holiday break. So I think I just got really confused after his friendly Xmas messages as well. Thanks for the advice everyone.
  2. Please don’t judge me for this, I know I’ve made a horrible mistake. It’s bad was a drunk kiss at a club about 4 months ago. There was a period of time where I completely lost memory, found out through a friend and told him that same night. I had thrown up and got kicked out and had no memory of that either. It was out of character for me, that was the first time I did something like that and first time I’d kissed anybody else in my life. I haven’t had a drink since because I’ve been too scared to. So it is really mainly my fault and it just really sucks that this happened all because of my mistake. At first he was seemed okay and I kept trying to reassure him that it won’t happen again. I think what happened afterwards was that kept his thoughts mainly to himself and he saying he was okay, but when he started withdrawing I became more insecure because I didn’t how to fix things. This was also during a high stress period, we both had more work deadlines and assessments and we were considering moving out of the state for his new job offer.
  3. Thanks for the responses. Wiseman, I guess he stopped putting effort in, and I felt insecure and acted out a little. It was a really stressful time for both of us (changing jobs, meeting deadlines etc). What if I feel like it was mainly my fault?
  4. We've been broken up for 2 months now, dated for 10 months, but were good friends for a few years before this. He broke up with me because we had a rocky month. I made a mistake and did something that hurt him, but was genuinely sorry and remorseful but we had trouble communicating how we were feeling. I didn't know how to fix things, became a little more insecure because he was withdrawing and he stopped prioritising the relationship and stopped trying to work things out. I maintained no contact for around 6-7 weeks and then reached out and met up to apologise for the things that I did wrong, and explained how I saw things, and told him I recognised what went wrong and I told him that I think we could fix it and work on it now that we have a better understanding. But he's stubborn and doesn't really want to try again, he's the type of person who is happy to be by himself and doesn't really engage in romantic relationships often (I was his first GF/romantic connection of any kind - he's 23). He initiated contact during Xmas/NY break, was really friendly, lots of emojis etc, but we haven't since spoken. We're not the type to say mean things to each other so there's no anger or hatred. I still love him and wish that we could have a second chance to try fix things. I understand that he doesn't really want this anymore, but a part of me is hoping that he's just trying to convince himself it was the right decision and that with more time, he might change his mind. Should I try maintain friendly conversation to try stay relevant and maybe try to reconnect and show him that I have changed and that I am willing to really work things out?
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