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  1. guys still looking for advice, tips, etc. Thanks a bunch!
  2. hey folks, really appreciate your replies.... shes2smart, i found it really funny when you said ""Don't get your honey where you get your money" exists." I like the quote... anyways, to answer your question on company policy, I am not actually employed by the company per say, but I am contractor there. However, the guy in question sure is an employee and the company (I have heard, not sure) seems to have policies on dating other employees (but nothing is said about dating contractors....) to the point of asking him for lunch or coffee, as i mentioned, knowing me, i dont think I could get myself to do that. Besides, is it wrong to expect the guy to make the first move???
  3. in me, please help with suggestions, ideas. thanks in advance. More details - we often cross each other at hallways and sometimes we say hi to each other and thats that... I am shy and I seems like he is shy too...
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