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  1. noooo total opposite people my last thread is lonngggg gone ahah, hes a new guy and new people I don't associate with anyone from my last posts!
  2. My boyfriend has a best friend who is a girl, and before they were friends they had a thing for 2 months. they are really close and it really worries me. they both go to the same school and im at a different school an hour and a half away. so I only get to see him on weekends when we both come home. hes super close with her, and one time sent me a selfie with her head leaning on his shoulder/neck, and has now posted a video on social media of them sitting on a bed together alone. it really makes me upset and I don't know if its just me worrying unnecessarily or if I have a right to be mad abou
  3. Hello, so I really like this one guy I have a big crush on him, we are friends in a 5 person friend group. hes so funny and cute and I just really like him. However, im pretty sure he doesn't like me back.. and another guy in our friend group likes me a lot, we will name him Tom. Tom treats me soooooo good, hes so so sweet and just an amazing guy, but I don't like him like that.. I've told him and he is okay with us being friends and he still treats me the same. and the guy I like we will name him Sam, doesn't give me any attention like tom does. tom is constantly asking to hangout and he surp
  4. I see she has a TON of trust issues or just issues with herself that have nothing to do with you that she needs to work on. you said you see red flags and know not to run away cuz thats not how long relationships work, but that is soooo wrong. you need to see these warning signs and do something about it, or else your whole relationship will stay the same. you do not need to give your logins to your SO and neither does she thats just one sign that this relationship is not good. I say break up with her, find a girl who trusts you and is loyal and doesn't freak out on you all the time. you'll be
  5. hey quick back story. we've been dating for 5 years now we are now 19 years old. as you can tell we've been together all of high school and all of my teen years basically. I love him hes my best friend I couldn't imagine life without him he treats me SOOO good so good and he loves me with all of his heart, but idk if im fully there anymore.. like of course I still love him I think I always will love him but im not sure if I love him relationship wise anymore. Im in college and I live by my college so idont see him often only on weekends and every time I see him I just wanna be left alone or id
  6. Thank you for your advice, it was really helpful. Don't worry I will definitely not be getting pregnant anytime soon, in September I was just having major baby fever for some reason lol. im thinking I may have outgrown him your right. I think Im going to just talk to him and tell him how I really feel. I start college in January and Im really excited and really want to focus on it as much as possible because after im done, it will be my career. thanks for all of the replies it means a lot to me.
  7. hello! my boyfriend and I have been together for exactly 5 years, we are both 19 years old so we started dating when we were only 14 years old and in grade 9. I love him with all of my heart he is legit the most perfect person ever. he already has a full time job making really good money, a nice car, hes saving up for a house because he wants to buy one really badly and move out with me and start our lives together. back in September I was so excited I wanted to get pregnant and marry him so badly I couldn't wait. but now I don't feel that anymore and thinking about marrying him scares the ou
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