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  1. I do want to explore things, yes. But I am also afraid of doing that.
  2. I've been feeling really confused. I'm 23, female, and recently got out of a relationship with my ex-boyfriend. I truly loved him, and we had a great sex life for about the first year. However, over the last several months I started to have a lot of questions about my sexuality. I fantasized about sex with a woman sometimes while we were having sex, and sometimes while masturbating as well. It impacted our sex life because I started to feel like there is this whole other side of me that I haven't explored and don't understand, and I felt like I needed to explore it. I decided to try to call
  3. I'm really struggling right now. My ex broke up with me about 2 months ago. We didn't speak for 4 weeks, and then started talking again. For the last month we've been talking almost every day, and even spoke on the phone several times. We had really great conversations, and he kept telling me that he was hopeful about us getting back together, that it was really nice to talk, but also that he didn't want to get back together right now. He graduated college last year, and I'm currently a senior. He feels like he has to focus on getting a job and everything else right now, and he also says that
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