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  1. DO NOT MARRY HIM. That's literally mental abuse already. You are a human being of your own free will, you are not an object he has control over. Which he clearly begs to differ. Second if he didn't think that it would happen what does that already say, lol. He truly does not see your full potential and is beginning to think of you as HIS, not your OWN being. If you marry him it will only get worse and everyone knows it. Be smart. Thank u next
  2. Uh what? Trash. Time to leave him lol. Sorry but he clearly doesn't care about YOU, maybe the idea of you. He's stringing and keeping you along for his own reasons (which have nothing to do with you). That is very toxic. He doesn't care about you so stop caring about him :)
  3. My mom was the same way. I know exactly where you are. The thing is... no one can play on your emotions other than your mom and your significant other. This might seem hard but you need to put yourself first. Whether that means dropping contact with her all together or just taking breaks, she is clearly toxic for your mental well being. You deserve better and you know it. It's her life pain and struggles which she's taking out on you, which is NEVER fair for anyone much less a parent to do. Realize your self worth love
  4. It seems like he really is not ready for a relationship right now... if his ex still comes up in conversation he is clearly still hung up on her. Also, he's not treating you very well, he seems to not care about you, to be honest. I've been in that situation countless times where I like a guy, he likes me then stops texting me first and I wonder what I did wrong. Every girl on the planet has. But the thing about men... they go AFTER what they want. If a guy really wants and likes you he'll make sure you know or he will reaaally act on it. It's just how the male specimen is, LOL. Unless he star
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