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  1. I had told him once it became a possibility. I had never expected it before. No, there would be no work on the weekends.
  2. Yes, maybe you are right and it is unfair to him.
  3. No, I don't think so. I aggree that communication is probably the biggest problem.
  4. The city is four hours by train and six hours by bus. So I was thinking of commuting on the weekends. I wasn't thinking of ending the relationship at all. He has called me selfish, not serious about our relation also unfaithful (because I am still on speaking terms with my ex who occasionally sends a good morning) in the past but I had always assumed that is because he is angry and when people get angry they say stupid things. But they still hurt:icon_sad:
  5. Hi All, Me and my boyfriend are living together for a while, we are thinking of getting married. Recently I applied to a company, my dream company which happens to be in another city. I honestly never expected to hear from them. But they replied with an interview, this company is known for having notoriously difficult interviews. I was super happy and excited and rushed over to tell my partner. He got very angry that I hadn't consulted him before considering to apply for a job in another city and that I wasn't serious about the relationship. I was very hurt but I gave the extremely difficu
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