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  1. Thanks for the wonderful responses from you all. Here are the signs she showed me when we were together. She flirted with me a lot. She often finds excuses to get close to me. We have this group activity every week. One time, she even kissed me on my cheek in front of all the people. Is the kissing a good sign? A lot of time, I noticed she was staring at me and when when I stared back, she quickly came to my side and talked to me. Another time, she came to me, put her hands on my shoulder and looked deeply in my eyes saying I looked very nice with my new haircut. I guess all the signs are
  2. If a girl is attracted to you, what's the sign? What her behavior would likely to be? Would she try to find excuses to close to you and talk to you? Would she stare at you in certain way? I would like to know the responses from the girls. Recently I met a girl and we had sweet time. I really want to know if she is attracted to me. Your responses are greatly appreciated.
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