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  1. wow i reread that i do see how some of you feel. although i do feel as though she should have told me because its our friendship of eight years and i had wished that she would have asked me my advice on the matter as we always have in the past. i feel like she doesn't care about what i think. and yes i know it is her FULL decision and she will do what she wants. but ever since she met this guy her "dreams" have changed. she feels she is fine the way she is and she doesn't need anything because she has him. and im afriad that if they break up than she will feel she has nothing. im afriad for her.
  2. I have this friend. yes, its actually my friend, not me lol. she's been my best friends since i was 10. and i will be turning 18 in less than 30 days. anyways, that just goes to show you that we had planned to have our kids grow up together. i love her to death and i don't plan on letting anything come between us. until now.. a few years ago, she had met a few guys online. we both ended up befriending them, and she talked to them on the phone a lot. then, i don't quiet remember what happened, but we stopped talking to them for some reason. (they were brothers btw) i found out a few months ago that she recently had been talking to one of the brothers again. a week after i found out she had been "talking" to him, i had found out that they were in a relationship. she still hasn't met him. it took me awhile to get my head around the entire situation, but recently i have called her and tried to understand her relationship. ive been supportive and have learned more about the situation. but today i found out that on the day she meets him for the first time in about 15 days she rented a motel room for him and her. and yes they will be having sex. she is 17 years old and she will be having sex for the first time, on the first day she meets him. im upset because she should have told me. but im also upset because she's making the wrong decision. she used to have dreams of going to college and being an english teacher. she doesn't want to go to college. she hates her mom and her whole family. im lost for ideas. if i talk to her, she'll be upset and just do what she wants out of revenge towards me.
  3. well i have a quiet simple question. i know this guy, who is my age. and i work with him. he works in a different department, so im not tooo worried about what would happen if something went sour. but he seems reeeeally shy. and i have put myself out there more than usual. so i was wondering how appropriate it would be to ask him out myself? gah. i never do anything like that. but im not sure if he's just not interested or if he's just really shy...
  4. I know that its hard right now, but you have to move along. She's off doing her own thing, and she's going to do what she wants to do whether the world approve's or not. I can understand your contradiction on wanting her back, but feeling as though she isn't the girl for you. Those feelings will go away and you will realize that getting over her is the only option you have at this point. you deserve better.
  5. I can definetly see where you are coming from in this situation. I firmly believe that if this guy is for real, a nice guy who isn't trying to take advantage of you and wants to be with you for well thought out reasons, then you should continue to try and get your parents to understand. try and show them that he's a great guy. make sure that he's worth risking your parents approval and that you aren't using him to act out against your parents. if he's not, make your parents realize that you are ready to commit to such a relationship.
  6. this was the longest day of my entire life. i have never been so hurt by someone who supposedly cared about me before. so please bare with me as i write to you my story. i met a boy. a boy one year younger than me. for the past 5 months he turned into my BEST FRIEND. i talk to him everyday, everynight, and haven't gone hardly a few hours without talking to him unless i am asleep. over the past month making this the 6th month i have known him, he became more than a friend. he became my guy. but we kept it on the downlow. mainly because my parents don't really like how he is younger than i am. last night, he broke it off. i was mad, and i confronted him, so he broke it off. here is part of the conversation: (10:02:46 PM) Tom: i just dont see this going newhere and i dunno i think we were better off as friends...and i feel like a *** *** saying that but like i dunno i just feel held back we ended it last night. and i bawled my eyes out. my best friend. now my ex everything. because guess what, i realize that he's everything to me. and then today he made the worst mistake he could have ever had done. he called my best friend, my very best friend, the one that you've been going to school with since childhood and will throw themselves in front of a moving car for one another, a heifer. and let me tell you, she is anything but comfortable with her weight. he hurt me, and my friends. i made a mistake, i made a mistake by putting my friends in here with me, because guess what, they were all right there sticking up for me and he started to insult them. and then all of a sudden its not even about me anymore. he sat there and watched while i sat next to her and bawled my eyes out. i confronted him at the end of the day and im supposed to call him or at least i told him i would. but who knows if he'll pick up. he's hurt. and im hurt. mission accomplished, day was a disaster. what do i do? what do i say? can i ever forgive him? should i apologize? is this all my fault? ill listen to anyone's advice.
  7. i honestly 100% don't understand. someone please tell me how the whole thing about loving someone without meeting them is possible. my best friend in the entire world has just told me that she is in love with this boy she met over the internet. since like july. but is just now telling me because she thought i would aparently "hate" her. she says she loves him. i can't understand. i just don't. she's never met him, and uhhhhhhh. i don't know how to act. because now she's posting pictures and things about how much she loves him. how am i supposed to act about something i don't get nor approve?
  8. for the past few days this situation has pretty much been killing me. and i know you can prolly just say that its because im still in highschool (senior) and its all drama, but to me, its a big deal. over the summer i met a boy. his name was tom. i met him at work. and we hit it off really well as friends. i work with a lot of my friends from school so its usually always fun to work. so he hit it off with us all well. we started talking online and at school and i found out that he really liked one of my friends. so eventually i helped him get the courage to ask her out. they have been going out for two months now. and he's become like one of my best friends. i spent hours upon hours talking to him online talking to him and knowing him better than anyone. we shared so much in so little time it was unbelievable. after awhile my friend started to get jealous of this relationship tom and i had. she felt as if she was his girlfriend, she should be EVERYTHING. and i should be nothing. recently i got in a small fight with tom. he said something he shouldn't have. he got so angry at himself that he was throwing things around his room. he called nicole (my friend/hisgf) and was crying to her about how he was so upset i was upset and i was like his bestfriend and he didn't want me to me upset. he didn't come to school the next day. she didn't look at me the next day. she hated my guts that he was so upset about fighting with me. he had never ccared that much when fighting with her.. or so she said. next thing i knew, i was talking with tom on the phone, tryin to resolve the situation and told me that we were never really good friends. he had made a mistake. that his girlfriend was right, that him and i shouldn't be close. and never really were. am i wrong to be upset? am i wrong to not want to look at either of them? i feel like a knife is sticking out of my back. she manipulated him to believe that he can't have any other friends. what kills me more, this situation wouldn't exsis if i was male.
  9. Tonight, I don't have anyone to call. Maybe that would understand. Maybe that would listen to me cry about my past. I've done so much better over the years, and it wouldn't do any good to ruin what growth I've made. Over the weekend, i was asked if my brother was, well "actually" my brother. and if that wasn't blunt enough, the person that asked also informed me that someone was telling people that i was "adopted" this is true. but nonetheless. it is gossip. why does this make me want to cry? because the setting as to where all of this is taking place is at my work. and no one really knows my past there except maybe three people. and i enjoyed being the happy free spirited person that i can be. but now, someone is going around telling everyone my past. and i can't get it out of my head. if i want people to know, i will tell them. its my business. but now my managers are finding out. and i can't seem to figure out who this person is. but worst of all, i've learned from this is that i am not comfortable still with who i am. because i cling to this family secret of mine like its a security blanket. my hw assignment for the weekend was to create a timeline of my life, and i can't think of important events in my life. mainly, because all the lifechanging events that i can think of, i woulnd't dare let my classmates know.
  10. i'm not really sure what im doing, as of this moment in time. See, there's this boy. and he just started working at my work. and he seems to like my friend, and she likes him back. so they are in the process in maybe going out with each other. and i of course was put in the middle of it, as of what did she/he say. but besides that, from the second i come online to the second i sign off, i have been talking to him. he instant messages me and we talk for just hours apon hours. i guess im wondering if this is really appropriate? my friend knows that i talk to him, but even so, do you think that this is appropriate in light of the situation?
  11. your not alone. and don't ever feel like you are. if you need someone to talk to, feel free to message.
  12. i think you need to find something to get excited about. what do you like to do? just sit and think.. what are your interests. get together with friends and have a night a week to do something. so you have something to look forward to. life is short and you need to take advantage of the time you've got.
  13. so this is cliche, i know. but one that fits my life right now is james blunt with "your beautiful" because i know this guy, and at the moment i feel that i clearly will never be with him. My life is brilliant. My life is brilliant My love is pure. I saw an angel. Of that I'm sure. She smiled at me on the subway. She was with another man. But I won't lose no sleep on that, 'Cause I've got a plan. You're beautiful. You're beautiful. You're beautiful, it's true. I saw your face in a crowded place, And I don't know what to do, 'Cause I'll never be with you. Yes, she caught my eye, As we walked on by. She could see from my face that I was, * * * *ing high, And I don't think that I'll see her again, But we shared a moment that will last 'till the end. You're beautiful. You're beautiful. You're beautiful, it's true. I saw your face in a crowded place, And I don't know what to do, 'Cause I'll never be with you. La la la la la la la la la You're beautiful. You're beautiful. You're beautiful, it's true. There must be an angel with a smile on her face, When she thought up that I should be with you. But it's time to face the truth, I will never be with you.
  14. i don't know if there is a secret to happiness. i think that certain people are happy when they around the people that they love. i think it depends on what makes you happy. i think, if i were to say in general, if i were happy, i think i would say i am. and there is no secret to it. you just gotta take the best out of life. and make it what you can. you really are the only person at the end of the day that you have to please.
  15. I'm going through a similar problem. in fact, very similar problem. so i guess I'm not sure if my advice will help, but if this girl is really important to you, like you really think you could have a future with her, then go for it. what i would suggest though, is just getting to know her better, since you have only known her for about 2 weeks. if it's meant to be, you can make it work.
  16. the past year, probably even more than that, i've focused apon myself and just learning on how to deal with different things. and now that i finally feel as if i have gotten a hold on things, something i haven't felt in a long time, i've started to have feelings for someone. i am 17 years old, and a senior in highschool. this boy, is 18 going on 19 and a sophmore in college. he wants to go into the airforce, but has a backup plan on chemical engineering and is schooling for this. currently, he is in georgia training for 3 weeks. i met him at work. i know, work and pleasure? but to be honest, im 17, my job isn't as important as a real job. and it's much easier to work around. but my problem is, is that when he comes back from ROTC training, he will be back for about a month and a half and he will be gone to college, where this year he will not commute, and will living an hour away from here. yes he knows i exsist, infact, before he left i gave him my address and phone number and he told me he would write me while he's gone (no letters in the mail yet... ) and he hugged me goodbye. my question is, should i persue this knowing that he'll be living at college and i will be stuck living at home and attending regular highschool? not to mention i have no previous experience with boys, like i said, i had other things i have been dealing with and had no time for this. i feel like i'm a little behind. for example, im not exactly sure if he thinks of us as friends or thinking maybe more than that. although thats a problem that ever person goes through and can only be solved by bluntly asking or just pursuing. but this is the first boy that i have met that makes me go crazy and is a somewhat nice guy. persue or to notpursue?? that is the question....
  17. Tonight I kind of feel vulnerable. It's been many months, almost a year since i did something along the lines of this post. I havent really admitted that i still think about it. but i do. so there. i haven't said it outloud, but this is close to it. i think this is the longest i've lasted. and it's hard to find something to replace it. because at the moment i feel like screaming or punching a wall. or well u know. and it's not for one reason, or b/c today was a bad day. just because. because i'm feeling a little bit lonely tonight. and it's taking a lot out of me to say all this. but life goes on. as it always will.
  18. i have sprained my ankle twice on the same ankle. i play basketball so i actually wear a brace on it. my doctor told me that the more i sprain the same ankle i am more apt to sprain it again. which is why i wear the brace.
  19. So i'm not sure how to address this post. I've done many different things to avoid my emotional "distresses". but recently i've been taking pain killers. its like if you have a small headache and you take an aspirin. i might not have the headache but just take the aspirin. the reason why im posting is b/c im not sure if this is a serious problem. i took three painkillers this morning. (not perscription) what dangers does this entail?
  20. I'm sorry that life isn't treating you well right now. if you need a friend, someone to talk to, feel free to pm me.
  21. i don't feel angry or guilty at the teacher lol. i do about other things that have happened in the past. but i agree. im just not sure how to work through them. thanks for your advice.
  22. ugh. ok. so my teacher asked me a very simple question today. one that bothered me the rest of the day. one that made me angry and confused and upset the rest of the day. he asked... are you depressed? okay so he didn't just come out like that, but for the most part it's how it sounds. now if i, in his class, was acting this way, then sure, i can understand why he would ask me such a question. but i wasn't. i was the complete opposite. well, i don't really like anyone in that class but i laugh and i participate. now it's been a hard few months for me. i've had a lot going on and i've been feeling guilty and angry and many other things. now i've been ok. these types of problems almost always find there way to me. but now that my teacher asked me such a question i've been thinking whether or not im actually dealing with anything. i mean ok, i'm angry, and feeling guilty. ok. now what? my general trend is to cover it up. and when im not with my friends i've just realized that i'm not the happy person everyone thinks i am. i don't think im clinicly (sorry sp?) depressed or anythign like that b/c i've been there and im ways away from that. i just don't know how to cover up how i feel. i never talk about it and im very uncomfortable talking about it. and i know that i have online friends i can talk to but other than that is there anythign i can do? i don't know where im headed. i want to be happy and for the most part i am.. i think. i just wish i knew how i felt. and i know i've totally just babbled my way throught this and most of it doesn't make sense but i don't want to head anywhere that i don't want to be. ugh. im so frustrated with myself.
  23. You can't turn those feelings off. Emotions aren't like lightswitches. Although i know most of us wish they were. THey are there for a reason. Hate is a very strong feeling that, in my own opinion, will only lead a person downhill. Try and communicate with these people. You will be happy you did.
  24. Wow! i completely understand. Well, not completely. I haven't graduated yet, and quite frankly, I'm not excited too. I'm not 100% sure what i want to do with my life, although i do have ideas and finding a job in this town is the hardest thing a person can do, much as which you described. What i was going to suggest is to find something that you like, something you enjoy. Right now, you described your life as boring and at a standstill. If you like writing, i think you should take a chance. You need to start going somewhere and seeing what's really out there. And if you find something off of writing that you enjoy and learned from school, you could go into that field. Life won't go anywhere unless you start walking there yourself. Good luck!
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