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  1. I recently picked something up again with a guy I had a very strong connection/history with 2 years ago (it was a 6 month thing). We had been dating for the last month and it was all going great. However, although he always had some problem drinking, this time around I realised that this was far more serious than it was years prior. I am not an alcoholic myself (social drinker) and from this relationshiop, I've only recently realised that because my father was an alcoholic, I am drawn to wanting to help men like him and wanting their care and acceptance. We had quite a history where he was qui
  2. I wrote previously about a very fresh break up with a guy 3 days ago who has rapid cycling bipolar. I am not able to link my post in here, but feel free to read my last post if you would like some further background. This evening we spoke on the phone to organise returning something to him and he was a completely different person. He was very cold and told me the reason he broke up with me was to pursue his creative projects and he didn't want to be tied down. He then said he is going to leave the country to pursue his creative interests and if he isn't successful he will kill himself, howe
  3. I had been dating a guy for 3 months. We hit it off right from the start. He was American and moved to my country for another girl 2 years ago and the girl was quite abusive and controlling. They broke up 4 months before we met. After 3 months we discovered we were very compatible and agreed to be boyfriend and girlfriend. He confessed that he had never felt this way about anyone before and couldn't believe he got so lucky meeting someone like me so soon after his break up. He also would comment that he wished I met him when he had his life together and that he wished that it was me he move
  4. I (28F) am really conflicted as I have been struggling to move on from a guy (29M) I was seeing for only 2 months (!!!), 1 year ago. Things were going reallllllly really well. e chemistry and connection was like nothing I'd experienced in my life and he felt the exact same way, so our time together, when it was good was extra nice. He was a very cold person with a big front, but when we were together all those walls came down and I'd see a completely different person who could be so loving and kind. Unfortunately the following occured during this time- He would blow hot and cold and it w
  5. No, it was for depression...Did you really think my behaviour was that out of control? Also, I have no means of contacting him as he's blocked me. I have a lot of stuff in my life to do and do see a therapist regularly, unfortunately it's easier said than done.
  6. It all started badly when he took me on a terrible date a year before we started dating. He showed up very drunk and ended up taking me to a bar that him and his ex would frequent. She was there at the time and her and her friend went out of the way to sabotage the date (she kept stopping over to talk, and chatted with him outside when he was having a cigarette,etc). I had my final straw when he left me at the bar for 15 minutes and I told him I was leaving he simply shrugged. A year later he got in touch to apologise for this saying that he was drinking heavily at the time and was also addict
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