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  1. @reinventmyself Thanks, agreed I've tried and tried to explain things to her but she's so stubborn she never listens or acknowledges what I say. So, yes. It has to come from her as you said. But if I'm not to intervene, how should I let her know that these particular things are where she's going wrong? These particular things are where she should consider if she is to reevaluate herself? Is my only option just to blindly wait hoping it'd someday dawn to her what she's been doing? P. S. By the way, I started the post that way just to filter out responses simply saying "it's a tox
  2. First off, I know I'm in a pretty toxic relationship. She(22) gets mad at me(27) for whatever the simplest thing. Problem is, whenever we get in an argument it's always her ranting out her side of the story for a long time and she's done. She doesn't care what I have to say. Whenever I start conversing my side of the story, the way I see whatever the current issue is, she simply counterattacks right away restating her view of the case. She doesn't want to think about/analyse my view because according to her she's always right and I'm wrong. Doing it her way would be the only way to resolv
  3. Why do we act pretty much as completely two different couples online and in real life? Me and her we get soo edgy, mad at each other, annoyed, scold at each other, cry, block each other on contacts, WhatsApp, fb, etc etc. We both have like a list of promises on each other and we keep breaking themm.. But once we see each other, once we meet, we're this fun couple having loadss of fun togetherr going out to eat, to drink, travel around, joke around, make fun of each other, laugh, make out in hotels, visit cinemas, amusement parks, museums, you name it. Rareeely do we get into any quarrels i
  4. I've been with her for close to 10 months now. I'm 25 she's 20. It's been sorta rule she put on me on the very early days that she doesn't want me to text any other girl on messenger, WhatsApp, etc. etc. She's ok with me talking face to face with them but nothing cyber basically. Even my relatives, even my very close friends I had for years. All of this comes from a childhood trauma of hers ; her dad has left for another woman when she was like 8yrs old. When he was leaving, her mom has asked her "please tell him to stay!" and she hadn't been able to do that. She blames the whole thing on hers
  5. I've been with a girl for around 8 months and we've been hitting off pretty well. Except unfortunately she hates texting. She always wants to talk over the phone but I really don't like calling and flirting where everybody can hear what we're talking. Sometimes she can't hear what I'm saying andd the other way around. I can get pretty anxious inside my head over this :/ I'd totally prefer whatsapp or normal texting. I don't mind calling her everyday to wish her Good morning and Good night. And we take a video call every night I love that too. But the fact that she wants me to call before I
  6. Update Thanks for all the help guys. Being with me for more than half a year now she's opened up a hell of a lot. She most probably won't have sex until marriage I'm willing to accept that. She doesn't even wanna get fully undressed when with me. Conservative like that :) But pretty much everything else she does now. Prettyy happily NOT forcefully. Earlier it was just her conservative mind telling her not to show that side of hers to me.
  7. It iss kinda on the top of my list that's the issue. If she would just want more over time I can patiently wait till then. Maybe I can gradually take her for movies and all those simple dates and build up a higher sexual attraction? And come to like a middle ground where she'd agree to have simple foreplay at least? Think that could happen over time? Coz it can just be coz she's so inexperienced. She's had a relationship before but she hasn't done any of the sort.
  8. I'm dating a girl and we seem to be hitting off pretty well. Except, we don't share the same sex drives. While I have a pretty high one, she says she doesn't even wanna go to a room until marriage. We didn't technically start the relationship yet. Will this work out eventually? If so how can I make it work coz I'd love to have her. Or will it be a mess? P.S.if it helps she's 19 & I'm 24. Is it her just being too young & scared & it'll pass?
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