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  1. Yes you are correct. Sadly I know this and I can’t help but check her timeline and I find her and this lesbian girl liking everything of eachothers. Maybe my mind is overactive idk gonna be a long hard process. Feeling that I ain’t good enough is hard.
  2. Hi, last week we didn’t break up I said I needed time away from her to get used to what she said. But now after telling me she wants to be with me she has finished me and blocked me off everything for my own good apparently.
  3. I feel very used and angry I did not expect she could do his to me.
  4. My now ex gf and I were together for 3 years 3 month back we split. But by chance we bumped into eachother in a different city and got talking again (strange right) it almost seemed written in the stars. She confessed she was depressed to me therefore I helped here through and really done everything for her. Yesterday (now she is better) she told me she’s confused and doesn’t want to be with me no more. I know this time it’s over and I’m completely broken. I have a lot of uni deadlines coming up but I can’t move from my bed.
  5. She messaged me today saying we need to talk. So I’m fearing your right tbh. I do actually think she has cheated on me with a girl which is why she deems herself as bi-sexual. Overall thanks for ur advice guys. This time last week I would of neve thought to post on anything like this but it’s been a great help however everyone knows only time will heal a heartbreak. Thanks again.
  6. I have asked for time and distance atm. I need to think I can’t carry on seeing her like this hasn’t affected me it was almost lingering when we spent time together yesterday. I really don’t know what to do.
  7. Idk feels like I didn’t know the person I love
  8. I have mixed emotions, at times I think she is still the same girl I fell in love with and have shared a lot of memories with. But as bad as it sounds I do mean no offence I can’t help but look at her differently sometimes now, like She’s a different person almost because she told me this now.
  9. She deems as bi-sexual because she tells me she does not think of the sexual fantasies, but more or what it would be like do be with a women emotionally. That is what she tells me.
  10. Do you not feel that it is all a bit sudden to finish her now and wait to see if I can come to terms with it in the next coming weeks?
  11. *i am not comfortable with her feeling she will ‘sacrifice’ to stay with me
  12. Even as she tells me that last night she tells me she loves me and wants to stay with me. Even told me she would ‘sacrifice’ not exploring that side to not loose me. And of course I am comfortable with her not being her whole self because of me. I do wish she had already experienced some type of relationship with a girl therefore this would be easier. Sadly I am not okay with letting her experience whilst being with me as I would not be allowed to do get with a girl in any type of sexual way as that would be cheating and she is with me therefore I feel the morals should be the same.
  13. I appreciate some of these replies so much. She told me she decided to tell me now because she has been able to come to terms with it instead of pushing it to the back. I am the only person that know along with one her lesbian mates who she told me she told because she wouldn’t get judged by her. I am trying my best to think she is the person I met and loved however the fact she has told me now makes me feel she is thinking about it More and it’s only a matter of time before she explores that side of her sexuality. She is even told me she doesn’t want to talk about it any more because it ‘not
  14. Hi guys, I’ve been with a girl now for 3 years to say I love her would be an understatement. 2 days ago she told me she is bisexual and has been since we met. She has never experienced any sexual or emotional relationship with a girl which is in fact why I am writing this. I don’t want to finish her and she says she wants to be with me but I feel it’s only going to be a matter of time till she has to explore that side of her personality. I am not considering giving her a hall pass or whatever as I would not be comfortable a with that. What do I do?.
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