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  1. I'm not sure I agree with the previous posters. When I'm not comforable around someone, I don't accept oral sex from them. To me, that's even more intimate than intercourse. Frankly, she sounds rather selfish in bed.
  2. But was it a friendship or was she just a coworker you were on good terms with?
  3. To me, it sounds like she came back to feed her ego. Perhaps she had had a disappointment by someone else she was dating? All this reminds me of a friend of mine. She was dating someone, he left her, she met him a couple of months later and ignored him and then he started texting and emailing until they started dating again....and then he left her again. Some people are like that. Anyway, I agree that you should leave it up to her to contact you. It seems like she doesn't know what she wants.
  4. I would leave it up to her to contact me about the next date. I think that after 4 dates she knows if she's interested or not.
  5. I would go on one more date and then, if I still couldn't tell, I would ask if she's interested in something more.
  6. You haven't pressured her. If she had been that scared about corona, she wouldn't have met you in the first place. No, I think she's just not that interested. Sometimes, it's as simple as that.
  7. That's just rude. It was your birthday and if she didn't feel comfortable in a group setting, she should have asked you who was going to be there, not act like a child. I think your instinct is right. Let her go.
  8. I disagree with the first part (he's the one who acts like he wants more - always sitting next to me, even in big groups, talking to me all the time, calling me, reminding me about the past, always paying for me, complimenting me on my looks, my personality etc.) but I do agree with the second part. I'll just let him take the lead and see what, if anything, happens.
  9. Back then, I had a major crush on him and he seemed to like me, too but I was never sure about him. I only realized he cared when we met again and I found out he remembers every little detail...things I had forgotten myself..from clothes I used to wear to things I'd said to songs I used to like. I'm sure there's noone else because he had gone away for a weekend in June (he had posted pics on f/b) and he was alone (I asked him). I'm not sure but I think last night we did have a date. We went out alone (the cousin didn't come) he bought me dinner, he paid me many compliments etc. But he didn't make any moves to kiss me. I wonder if I should.
  10. I had first met this guy when I was 16, during my summer vacation. We used to meet every summer, there was always flirting going on between us but it never became much more. We had just kissed once. He was one year younger and quite shy and so was I at the time. At some point I stopped going to that place and we lost touch. Fast forward 30 years. 3 years ago I started vacationing there again. Met many old friends...and him. I was single, he was married with 2 grown-up kids. He told me that for years he would drive by my (summer) house and always wondered about me. It was great catching up with him but I didn't expect anything (naturally). I never got to meet his wife, she never came with him to the beach or to outings with other friends. During the winter we just kept in touch here and there. His cousin who's like a sister to him and I have become close friends and she would talk about him sometimes. Then, the unexpected happened. Last summer, his wife died suddenly. Of course, I called to give him my condolences and we started communicating some more. From his cousin I've learned that he and his wife had been separated for the last 4 years, that all the family knew about it and that they stayed together for their kids. This past winter I met him 4-5 times, always in social gatherings. And this brings me to today. I'm at my summer house, his cousin and he are at the same town and we're all together every day. There's always chemistry between us, we talk all the time, he buys me coffee, drinks, lunch, no matter how much I protest and it seems like he's interested in more. Do you think there's a chance for us?
  11. Why lose everything? Yes, you've lied but I don't think that anyone would leave the man they love because of a college degree. Tell her the truth and explain why you did it.
  12. I don't know how old you are but, in my '50s, I know for a fact that people don't just ''re-consider'' unless they have something to lose. He knows he won't lose you over this, so, why would he change anything?
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