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  1. How do i validate my feelings? I'm just feeling so anxious at the moment. Can't keep my head straight. Can't focus. do you have any advice?
  2. Thank you so much guys will disappear for sure.
  3. Hey guys just struggling with some ex girlfriend nonsense. So I was dating this girl and she was fantastic. Feminine, kind, the stuff you look for in a girl. That being said around august of last year, she began to break up with me. Not in the literal sense but saying "I think we should brake up". I always told her that if she wanted to leave the door was open and she never went through with it. Towards the end of the month she asked me for some space and I gave it to her. We saw each other after a week and she told me that she had gone to her friends house to study. I didn't react then and st
  4. Hey guys recently came across this blog and i thought i could get some advice and use it to vent. Until two weeks ago I was in a very long term relationship of 7 years. This girl who i will call M and I started liking each other in 10 grade of high school but nothing really came of it until one year later in grade 11. We had, had a falling of between us during the summer and when we came back to school in September things were pretty tense and awkward between us. One day in November we had large event in our school. During the event she kept on insisting on coming over for the night even thoug
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