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  1. Like others have said you don't sound very compatible. You are well within your right to share sexual experiences you want to in life with someone who wants to share them too. You are doing and at an age of exploration (don't worry even when you get older for some that remains). Sadly you and your current partner don't share that same views on sex within a relationship. My friend used to come to me with his dramas about his girlfriend. They were together two years and in that time barely was intimate. I felt incredibly odd him sharing this with me as I was a female friend he said he co
  2. This will sound cliche but the first couple weeks are the hardest then it gets easier. I started reading books again which helped occupy my mind. I also joined a drama class. So find something you enjoy and submerge yourself with it. Aim for something new that involves learning as that will keep your brain busy. Also... The reward is when you can look back after not contacting and be proud of yourself. No greater satisfication knowing you didn't care in. You are doing so well. Stay strong x
  3. It could be a combination of all of that. I'm in my late 20s now and met with some old school friends a couple weeks back. Guess what we did we checked out social of all our old crushes. Remember thinking in school I would give anything to of dated my crush. I've had a look at him now and thank the Lord I didn't. Honestly complete and utter useless men now from what their social media says. So I can see why you would get fixated you got to get with your crush. That's something many girls your age dream about and long for. Like I said I did back then. Your views on him will change when
  4. Just from what I've gathered I'll have to agree with others. He is incredibly broken. He is not over his ex. He lacks self esteem within himself. It's that age old thing of "if you can't love yourself, you can't love anyone else". He doesn't love himself very much. He seems to want to rush into the long term comfy feel of a relationship with friends and family but truth is it's all an act. I think he will remain hot and cold until he sorts out his demons. I do genuinely think he likes you but clearly is battling some inner demons. It may be hard but some time away will be g
  5. Calls then to fizzle out. It is all exciting and new during the first couple of weeks. He may not really be a phone person. I'm not really to be fair. Would rather text and plan to meet in person and talk for hours that way. Doesn't mean the relationship is dying in fact for me it means it is getting stronger. But everyone is different. Also he is a man! No offense to anyone else. I have male friends I've gone to in the past tell me that you have to spell out what you want. Men don't read into the little details. So by you asking for a lift home how was he to know that he should have p
  6. Hey there! Just read your post. Just from what I've read is he your "first" you don't have to answer just what I gathered when you said you wanted to "experience all that". If he is I know some on this forum may not agree with me but you probably have had some emotional attachment for him since the first time. Which is why you are probably feeling a lot now. This whole messaging thing... It's a massive deal on modern dating. I don't agree with his late replies when he is obviously online that said you are also playing it as a game. By you not being you and replying days later it
  7. If their is a genuine reason for the cancellation of dates I would give her the benefit of the doubt... Although only a month and it seems like frequent bailing of a date. That is not the best impression. Personally I would make time to see someone I was interested in. Not cancel last minute. So could be she is not interested. Also there is some issues there with her own confidence in her self. As she wants you to constantly tell her how pretty she is. This is her own self esteem issues. It's not your job to make her feel pretty. Yes compliments are nice but you aren't giving them out
  8. Dating shouldn't be factored in as a cost. I dated a guy who was in debt. We made cute cheap dates and stuff. But if you are not financially stable. Maybe the best thing to do is focus on you and your finances and then think about dating. Like doing cute dates out can add up. Also some girls don't believe in splitting cost if meals and activities (it's the modern world... Why some people feel men should pay is beyond me - this is just my opinion and not everyones). Dating a girl shouldn't be anymore cost than going out with friends. If it is... Rethink the situation. Everyone i
  9. I don't think he is playing you at all. He seems genuinely interested. That said it's hard to support someone who had issues with mental health you have some of your own in terms of a romantic relationship. As you guys haven't met or anything yet. Wait till he moves back to where you are and meet as friends. You'll get an idea how he is coping with his mental health and whether or not you want to pursue it romantically. As you said you two have things you can relate about. I see that grounds for a blossoming friendship and not so much a new romance. Until you meet him and g
  10. Sometimes we just have to go with out guy. As cliche as it sounds it's true. He is annoying you! Never a good sign in these early stages. That said I lot of what you mentioned could be smoothed out in conversation. I know you are worried that saying how you feel about the PDAs, his "push over" ways and grabby hands can all be spoken about openly. It's your body and how you feel. Communication is a big thing in a relationship so voice it. Plus you have no harm in talking about it if you are questioning leaving him anyway. Personally I would talk to him about things that you feel
  11. There are apps similar to dating apps that are for friendship. I know bumble has a "bff" setting. Not sure of other ones but there must be. Also there is a "meet up" app. I think it's for people to meet up with similar interests. Online friends are fine. But using those apps you can meet people in real life too. Although I've met some lovely people from going to evening classes. So maybe think about classes. Friendships come and go... That's normal. So expanding hobbies can be great to meet people with similar interests. Also you have to remember only true friends will
  12. I know how scary approaching someone in real life is but... It's better than via email. So honestly say hi as the email would scare her. Well it would scare me. I would be more receptive to a hi. So maybe give that a go. Best of luck :)
  13. This is a little confusing... What was the lead up to the conversation? Again maybe I don't know the new dating terms but what is "just talking"? To be fair it's a simple request. If I was dating someone and I was dating other people. I would let them know so they can do it the same too. That said I don't date like that. Nice you are being open. Just depends on what your relationship really is. As his response can be considered valid if you are literally just talking and nothing else. But it's an odd thing to text. I think something that defines a relationship or it's futur
  14. It's terrible that I feel this way now. I can handle the rejection in a way. But there he is happy flaunting his new girlfriend. Just feel like maybe I was the problem. Guess I'll never know. Sorry to do your heads in. I'm to embarrassed to go to my friends with this.
  15. I know. I'll forget about it all eventually. Getting my thoughts all out in an essay. That helps me with things. Saves me texting. Just hope I don't send it. Well looking at it... He did end it via text which is cowardly. Everyone else pointed out he was breaking up. I guess I was hopeful it wasn't and down to his issues. Guess it must be something to do with me and him not being attracted to me that he couldn't stay hard for I don't know. Now he can perform and make another girl happy. I guess it's all assumptions. Guess it's just temporary upset at the moment. Ignore me guys.
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