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  1. you are correct. you are just housemates. he never seemed to be into you anyway. now other people are saying you've posted that he's cheated and is a known cheater. you made a bad decision. now you have to live with it or get out of it somehow and learn from it to never do it again.
  2. dont' pay his bills. if he insists on staying there - that's his responsibility. you can break the contract and split the "expenses" from doing so and both move on. if he wants to do anythign else, that's on him, not you.
  3. you owe him onthing. dont pay his bills. don't offer to help. that's the price of breaking up.
  4. maybe you need to talk about this and get itout - but to mak it your current partner you tell it too is bad form. talk to friends, talk to starngeres.. talk to this forum. talk to a counselor. but talking about past relationships to your current partner - BAD form. Don't do it again. Just think how much you would want your wife to go on and on and on about an ex-bf of hers... you woudln't. yo'ud get tired of it. just as she has with your ex-gf stories. MAN UP and talk properly to an approrpaite person about it.
  5. so.. nobody dates you b/c you had "tinted glasses" vs "non-tinted glasses". let's set that striaght. people are attracted to the person behind the tinted glasses, and the person wearing those clothes.. not the clothes and tinted glasses themselves. So.. what does this tell you? Work on you. Not your appearance. What makes the most desirable/attractive you? A happy, passionate, fulfilled you enjoying and loving life (be it career, hobbies, a passion you partake in, etc.) So do that first. The rest will then come.
  6. yah time to move on. the distance thing was more of a deal-breaker than the religion part. but she's adding the religion on top to say, "this is not working out or will work out" - so.. time to move on.
  7. Whether it is weird or not (and my vote is "yes it is") - you are right to move out and separate for your child's sake. Now why would you then want him to have a picture? No. Let it go. Let him go. FOR YOUR CHILD'S sake and your own - distance yourself from this man and move on and be a good mother to your child (as you have been). That is the priority now. Your child.. and YOU. Not what's weird or not about this man.
  8. it is not strange to ask that co-habitants help contribute to co-habitating expenses. So that means consumables - utiltiies, food, etc. Of course, mortgage and student loans are out. I would definitely speak to him about how expenses can be more equitable since you both essentially live and consume things by living there. It is AT A MINIMUM you can speak and come to an equitable solution if you truly feel "there is a potential future" together. right? If you can't co-habitate and split expenses as a couple living under the same roof now - then how will you be able to in the future when you OFFICIALLY do live under the same roof? Yes.. talk. Propose. See if it gest done easily, and is followed thru easily or not. Terrific test for "future potential" here.
  9. Definitely un-friend, block, etc. etc. wherever she can connect or keep track of or try to interfere with you. Do not keep in touch with her in any way or respond in any way to her - or if you do do not engage with her and just sorta brush her off (this sends the message she has no more influence or control over you and she'll eventually leave). Do not worry about what people think of you, your image, or what others "might do" - you can only control what you do and if you're doing well and taking care of things... you'll be fine. If it comes to the word of an achieving person doing well vs one who isn't and causes drrama all day - you will win that battle each time as long as you don't engage with her and play along with her games. These people typically threat to try and get you back, see if they still have influence. When they see they don't, they get bored and find somebody else they can influence and move quickly to them. You'll be fine.
  10. As with any addiction there are numerous ways to fight back at it - although any addiction is hard to stop. ULtimately the only way to stop it is to just change your habits and make a conscious committment to change your habits. Why do you play? What do ou get out of playing? Then find what other activities can fulfill those same needs and do those instead. Or try new things to replace those needs. Cold Turkey is definitely a way to do it for sure - but like with any approach - they're hit and miss and you have to find what works for you. Good luck.
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