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  1. Don't marry her. Something tells me that she'll take you for every penny if you do. If a person genuinely loves someone, they will never give you ultimatums like this. There is something else she wants.
  2. What exactly are you asking here?
  3. You don't need either of these guys because they are no good. Take some time away from relationships for a while and just focus on you. The first guy used your job status as an excuse to break up with you imo. I get the feeling that he had been planning it for a while. The other guy was just using you. He was no friend and he clearly only saw you as a sex object that ditched you once he got what he wanted. Block both these guys completely. You deserve better than them. It's their loss.
  4. It feels like you are still withholding information, like you don't want to admit some things. Have you had therapy following your accident? I'm guessing you did not. By what i can gather, your behavior became uncontrollable and too much for him to take, so my honest answer would be yes, the marriage is over.
  5. I recommend you look into joint therapy together. If he refuses this then i agree to cut your losses and move on.
  6. Firstly, relationship advice online is not applicable to everyone, so you should always go with your heart and not look to online sites. I actually think you did the right thing breaking up with her though because it really sounds like you need to take care of yourself for a while. Yes, seek therapy and make sense of all your thoughts. I think what someone said about opening up to this girl about all this is a good idea too. Tell her everything you said and hopefully she can support you while you regain yourself, maybe then you can both start afresh later on.
  7. What trauma have you suffered? How have you been taking it out on him? Do you have children? Why do you need him there? There is very little to almost no information provided so it's difficult to provide advice here.
  8. Honestly I'm not a bad person, and I'm not trying to be ass (i apologize for seeming like that) I'm just very straight to the point and honest, but I mean no offence at all x
  9. It sounds like he may want to come back, but the question is do you want him back? Remember you broke up with him for a reason. He wouldn't commit, he was indecisive, he blew hot and cold. Is that what you want to go back to?
  10. It's going to achieve nothing. I can guarantee you're not slipping into her thoughts. You deserve better than that.
  11. Makes you look desperate and pathetic.
  12. I've heard of it. It's pretty seedy. You shouldn't be with this guy if he still has the need to look for women.
  13. What you were doing was stalking him. And that answer is that your are an obsessed sexual predator yourself. He knows you accused another personal trainer of sexual assault so it's only natural that he's wary of you.
  14. That's her way of telling you to leave her alone. She had not contacted you in several weeks so there is your answer. Leave her alone. Don't go grovelling it's very unattractive and you will be going against her wishes yet again. Just accept it and move on.
  15. He is not attracted to you. He is wary of you. You are obsessed with him and judging from posts on other forums, you are clearly unstable. On another forum you were insistant you did not like the guy, but here you show you clearly do. Leave him alone.
  16. Were you not happy with all the responses you got last time you asked?
  17. What the op fails to mention is that she once accused another personal trainer of sexual assault. This is the reason that this personal trainer is keeping an eye on her. He's wary of her because he knows this and knows what she is capable of. She has written on other forums totally obessessed with this guy and its quite unnerving that she has gone as far as stalking his social media and sending him messages. This has been going on for a long time.
  18. You say you don't care but you obviously care enough to come here and rant at people about it. I think it's clear you do have a problem with this guy.
  19. Why do you HAVE to find out what's going on? We already told you, she is not interested anymore. It's over. Accept that and move on. Leave her alone. Stop obsessing.
  20. You asked what you can do, we said knock and wait before barging into someone's office. No one here condoned masterbating in the workplace and it doesn't sound like that was what he was doing. Watching porn maybe, would explain the slight jittery behavior. Our issue here is with your over defensiveness and nasty insults towards us in response.
  21. I'm afraid i would have to agree that it does sound a little harassing on your part. A year and a half after an 8 week relationship where he treated you like crap, even admitted he would worse the longer you knew him, and you still cant let go. I'll be brutally honest, you are delusional where he is concerned. No, he is not leaving things open for you, it was a flat out rejection. He blocked you for a year because he didn't want to be with you and by the sounds of it you were constantly checking messenger for him. The moment he unblocked you, you jumped at the chance to message him. That was probably weird to him. You're behavior isn't healthy. It's borderline obsession. You knew from the beginning that this guy was a bad guy with problems, but something got you addicted to him. You need to let this go, it's been a year and half and he's obviously not lost any sleep over you.
  22. When a person wants a break, that means a break-up. It's over. You are honestly the most pushy guy i have ever read about though. She asked you for space, and you didn't respect her wishes at all. Instead you bombarded her with text messages all the time. You came off rather desperate and cringey and that's very unattractive. Stop contacting her because she's not interested anymore. It's over.
  23. People with depression often slip into playing video games as a way of escaping for a short time, a way of taking their mind off their problems for a while.
  24. Something tells me that there is allot more to this. In all this it sounded like you cared about what YOU wanted more than what he wanted. You have YOUR dog but didn't like the fact that he wanted his own. Like it's OK for you to have these things but no him. Animals are good therapy for people suffering with depression and they do make you happy. Some people do have therapy dogs. He got the dog but what do you do? You moved out. Why did you have to move out exactly? You kept messing with his head so it's no wonder he's depressed. I know you say you just wanted to make him happy but you weren't. Sound's like you were pushing for commitment when he wasn't ready and the fact that he would choose the dog over you shows that the dog makes him more happier than you do.
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