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  1. It's a pretty sizable age gap and a very long distance between you, but the main thing that jumps out at me here is the fact that you don't have any children. Do you want any in the future? if so then i don't think you should pursue a relationship with this guy because it's highly unlikely at his age that he'll want any more children.
  2. What about the other guy that you sent nudes to? That so called friend? I hope you are keeping him out of the picture too x
  3. I'm honestly wondering why you even with this guy. Your family don't like him. Your daughter hates him, and he treats you like crap. He is abusive and isn't even in the same country. You're clearly not happy so what's the point? I know you'll say 'because i love him' but how can you love someone so horrible?
  4. What? Allowing him to take control? That's not how a marriage works, plus that's abusive. It has to be equal, open and honest. There is barely any of this happening in your marriage so i don't know how you expect to keep it afloat. It's doomed.
  5. It seems a majority of your problems come from your girlfriend. I'm picking up on that she is violent and very dominating. For someone in your position, with your mental health issues, she is not a person you need in your life. You need to understand that being around someone like that is never going to help you get better, it's going to bring you further down. I think people are right, that your sister and family can see what this girl is doing to you and is just trying to protect you. You cant see what she is doing because you are blinded by your love for her.
  6. Yeah but how do we know that was the truth? She could've got smacked in the face by someone for all know. Fact is, everyone is jumping on the rape wagon when no one know exactly what happened at all. The only person that knows the truth is her so no one here has the right to judge the op.
  7. Your gf seems to be the main factor in all these fallouts. It's family therapy. She's not family. No one should force you to choose so don't. Tell them they either both accept how things are or you will walk out on them all. Don't let them force you to chose. You have your own mind.
  8. So even if she said 'yes I want it' while a bit drunk, it's still rape? I don't think so.
  9. She knew what she did. She is just trying to get out of it by claiming she was drunk. She did it twice.
  10. You're wrong. She was drunk and consented. It's not rape.
  11. Op hasn't cheated. He wasnt the one that slept with someone else twice behind her back. She clearly wasn't raped, just pulling the 'I was so drunk I wasn't thinking' Card. She knew what she was doing.
  12. She told him she allowed the guy cos she liked him. That was consent. And she couldn't have been blacked out because she remembered everything perfectly fine.
  13. She wasn't raped. She consented.
  14. It's not rape if she gave consent.
  15. If she's prone to sleeping with other guys when drunk, it makes you question how often this happens. I wouldn't be able to trust her again.
  16. They are the only ones that can answer your question about why they did that.
  17. That's scary. I had a lorry smash into me deliberately once on a junction. Scared the hell out of me and my daughter. I kept having bad dreams for a few weeks but luckily my daughter didn't.
  18. What was the accident exactly? The question has been asked a couple of times but you never answer it.
  19. I backtracked on your posts a little to try and get some understanding. What exactly was this accident you had? You talked about a guy who tailgated you and shouted some profanities that caused you allot of trauma. You also talk about another possessive guy in another post, one that would constantly call and text you. Did your husband know about that affair? Seems to be allot happening in your life. You seem to have allot of family issues, family that doesn't like your husband.
  20. Sounds like you're the one bailing on them. 2 just moved to London so have some very busy times ahead of them to settle into new lives. Doesn't seem like you took that into consideration. All of your posts have been about guys you've met on dating sites, hence why i said it seems like you have an addiction to them. It's my opinion, not trying to offend. It's what i see here.
  21. I feel like there is more to this and you are dulling down your side of things to not make you look as bad. I don't believe he screamed at you just for asking that question. There is allot you are not disclosing here for some reason and you appear to be painting him as a total villain. My guess is that you totally flipped out at him about not saying goodnight. You really should have sought therapy following your accident because it doesn't sound like you are getting better to me.
  22. I don't see anything 'off' about them. I do see allot 'off' about you. You appear to have an addiction to dating sites.
  23. First of all they are people, not cases, and none of the guys above sound weird. You are the weird one. They sound pretty genuine. Judging by your multiple posts (which all concern men) i'd strongly encourage you to have a break from them. It seems that you crave male attention and cant function without it.
  24. He probably finds you weird for staring at him and it makes him a little uncomfortable, so i'd say no, he is not into you.
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