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  1. It's over. As others said 'need to fix myself' is code for it's over. Just have to move on.
  2. You don't really have many options here OP. You don't have a car so get someone to drive you. If that's not possible then he will have to bring it to you. There are no other options.
  3. Sarah, i'm sorry but everyone is right. I know you just wanted to help him better himself, but you are trying to completely change someone who doesn't want to change. You're trying to mold him into what YOU want, but it's not what he wants. Why should he change? He is who he is and he's happy with that. You should be happy if he's happy. You should accept a person for who he is, not for what you want to turn them into. I know you want him to have some ambition in his life and that's great, but if he doesn't want that then you can't really force it.
  4. It's not always going to be plain sailing but it will get easier and more settled as time goes on. When i met my husband he already had 3 year old son from a previous relationship (he would have him on weekends). In the beginning I didn't always like that he had to interact with his ex in regards to his son and there were a few fraught occasions, but in time i realized I was being oversensitive about it. There was absolutely nothing to worry about and over time we all became friendly and civil and she is actually really nice. We all get on great. I took some years to form a bond with his son but now (he is 19 years old now) and i absolutely adore him. My husband and I have a daughter together and she adores her big brother too. These things will in time settle and become easier.
  5. You are completely wrong for each other. Relationships shouldn't be like this. He never cared about you, he just used you. He wanted to go a date with another girl while he was with you, who does that?
  6. This is very controlling behavior and NOT how you should treat your wife at all.
  7. The bottom line here is that she wasn't happy in the relationship anymore. You told her you couldn't be friends following the break up but you constantly messaging her is likely confusing her. You don't have any right to check her phone because what she does with anyone else now is not your business. I think you need to let go. Let her get on with her life and stop sending her messages. Allow her to move on.
  8. If a split was amicable and civil then there is no reason why ex's cant get along as friends. If there is allot and animosity and resent then it's best to stay away from each other.
  9. It was a huge change, but she's coping really well. Thank you Rose :)
  10. I feel like this has been posted before.... He's being very immature.
  11. I'd say yeah, expose the dirty rat that he is. Let people know what kind of person he is. He is giving himself a bad rep.
  12. Get off that dating site so you can't see him. It's just torturing you. Trust me though you've dogded a very ugly bullet. If this is the kind of person he is he will never hold down a relationship for long and when he gets older and decides he wants to settle down, no one will want to know because of his reputation. He will end up alone at this rate. Men like him usually do. I have a colleague like him. He's married but he thinks he's gods gift and can have any woman he wants. And he does sleep with other women too. As he got older though he couldn't get that kind of interest anymore. Your ex will burn out one day.
  13. It's not healthy for your little boy to be exposed to numerous new partners between you and his dad. It's also confusing for him when you numerously split and get back together. It sounds like you get very bitter and resentful everytime he has a new girlfriend. It doesn't sound like you are bothered about your current bf so you should let him go. It's not fair to use someone as your emotional crutch.
  14. I might be missing something here, but all i see is a young woman being friendly and polite. I didn't pick up any romantic interest from her, only a little rudeness from the OP.
  15. Unfortunately you have no control over what the baby's parents do so its pointless stressing over it. No-one is forcing you to care for him either. If your fiance has his own mind and dead set on moving out and marrying you then who cares what his mother says. On the other hand if he easily influenced by her then i would be worried about your future and how much of it she will try and take control of. Especially when it comes to your own children.
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