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  1. yeah but its been a year?? i mean what i want to believe is that time is going to fix this but sometimes when i masturbate at home and kinda lets say touch the sensitive spots i barely last 3 minutes aswell
  2. so if while having sex i think about other stuff will it it make it last longer?
  3. thanks for the advice, tho cant it be done without using any sprays etc? i even tried masturbating before meeting up with my girl to see if i can last longer but the result was the same
  4. Hello, So i am 20years old and i had a circumcision surgery last year. I didnt have a girlfriend that time so around 1 month ago almost a year after my surgery i was with a girl and i finally had sex after my surgery. Before my surgery i could last atleast for 10 minutes minimum but now i barely last 3 minutes, even less sometimes. We even had sex 3-4 times a day and even at that time i felt i was cumming at the very beginning let's say around 30-40 second? Like realllyyy fast. I am feeling very bad about this so this is why i made an account on this site just to ask if anyone knows anything about this had an experience or anything and how to improve this? Any response is helpful
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