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  1. You have made the right choice. Come back to this thread in 3-6 months and you will realize several things: 1. How did I ever end up in such a scenario? 2. You will view her as an undesirable, low-value person that you would never want to associate with, no less be in a relationship with. 3. You will have taken a long, introspective look at your personality and faults and better understand them. Perhaps through self-help, therapy, etc. 4. You will be a much better person.
  2. Any adult patient of sound mind reserves the right to undergo or refuse treatment (whether it be life-saving or life-prolonging), this is termed autonomy. This was not suicide, but rather your mother's final wish. Cherish the good memories.
  3. Patterns generally define us, so sudden deviations may be indicative of disequilibrium (to put it gently). You should try to give her credit and inquire about the change, maybe she is extremely anxious about wearing/losing it and finds it overwhelming. But if discussing it induces tension, be concerned for secondary reasons.
  4. Without getting into the details of the relationship/break-up, you need to sever ties with your ex. This means resolving any remaining shared accounts or debt, and doing so in a formal manner. Since this is now entering several thousands of dollars and includes an unpaid loan, you should seriously consider involving a third party (either a mediator or attorney). By doing so, you will cut through the animus and ensure a final resolution to this all and both of you can move on.
  5. Do the right thing for both of you and break it off. Your relationship is already strained to the point of having serious self-doubt and then cheating, among other red flags. Focus on your med school applications while stabilizing your living situation. Lastly, clean up your social media accounts and stop posting questionable pictures of any kind online. You are applying for highly competitive/coveted seats, do not give anyone reason to question your character.
  6. Hadn't read this thread until today, hang in there man. You have been through hell and then some, but it sounds like you're on the right path as of late. You should start reaching out to family, and let the truth be known. The longer you keep this secret, the more it will delay your healing and progress. Lastly, try not to delay the divorce for too long, even if you have to borrow money from family to proceed. As for her recent suicidal ideation, as others here have mentioned, do not allow such manipulation. From the brief history in this thread, she has known anxiety/depression and now beh
  7. Based on the inferred timeline, you don't have acute alcohol poisoning. Alcohol metabolizes rather quickly, so 12+ hours out is all secondary effects. You drank to excess, and experienced a horrid hangover. Hydrate and eat as tolerated, should be back to yourself by 48 hours.
  8. Schedule an appointment with your PCP/Ob-Gyn ASAP (do not wait for the next scheduled check-up), and get screened for peripartum depression.
  9. I would suspect he is fabricating part of the story to incite drama and reestablish contact with you. Nonetheless, your relationship with your ex has entered a dangerous legal territory. If he actually did either of the actions he threatened, that would be something you'd have to explain on every job application and would show up on any background check performed, regardless of your innocence. Block and delete all social media ties, and do not reply to any communications that sneak through.
  10. You took Plan B after a low-probability event, it is highly unlikely you're pregnant. If you want to be sure, take a home pregnancy test or get a blood test to be definitive. Use appropriate protection in the future, or better yet consider birth control as well, which may help with your irregularity.
  11. Your gut has been right from the start, keep following it. Block/delete her from your phone and social media. This low-value person isn't worth your time.
  12. More information would be needed to fully understand this dilemma. Does she have any pics from previous relationships on her social media? If not, she may be just extremely private online. However, there is a fine line between privacy and secrecy. It's odd that you have spent time with her family and friends, yet she desires this low profile online. Would she be ok with you posting a picture on your profile, even if not tagging her? I would push this issue a bit further to elucidate the underlying motive. Secrecy of a relationship in and of itself is a huge red flag.
  13. Apologies, separation with children. I believe the OP referenced Asperger's, which falls under ASDs. Diagnosis at a later age would suggest a milder form, but proper evaluation may still be warranted.
  14. I think more pertinent to this situation will be the individual diagnoses of both parties. You have already alluded to idiosyncracies you have that may suggest an autism spectrum disorder, you should have an evaluation. She is exhibiting traits of both cluster C (OCD) and cluster B (look up DSM criteria for borderline) personality disorders, with concerning family history. You both may benefit from individualized therapy and then relationship counseling, if it can be salvaged at this point. The former is almost inevitable if you proceed with divorce to establish what is safest for the children
  15. Sorry you ended up involved with a serial cheater for so long, get out as fast as you can and save yourself the pain. A good divorce attorney will guide through some of the above. Avoid any loose ends in the divorce settlement, child support and visitation will certainly be settled in writing. Parting couples can become extremely vindictive once the process officially starts due to financial constraints, embarassment, and one side feeling aggrieved. I'm close with someone who does family law for a living, you wouldn't believe the stories (emptying bank accounts, liquidating assets, moving c
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