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  1. My boyfriend of a year is leaving to a city that is 4 hours away for 2 weeks his job is sending him, I feel sad, empty, like I depend to much on him, I even cried. How can I cope with this, I been living with him since December previously i lived with my grandparents, which are abroad and left me their apartment in charge, right now I am in my boyfriends house, but since he is traveling for 2 weeks for his job, so I am going back to my grandparents apartment, I am scared to stay in his house alone. But I get really nostalgic, sentimental about this whole thing. Since December I have not
  2. No it’s not the same woman, btw it’s funny this girl posted a video of her in a shooting range, and me and my bf are in a shooting range now, and he took a video of me, just like this girl posted about a week ago. Is this a coincidence or I repeat he is trying to make me do the same as she does, cause he likes what she does??!
  3. I just find weird that, he talks to me about her 6 months into dating, and not at the beginning once and that’s it. Yeah you are right, but I forgot to say this on the post, sometimes he tells me oh you got to find a good job like executive level and strive for better , I feel he said this, cause she has that type of job , she is a senior administrator, she studied for that I did not, plus it’s not something that I desire, I definitely want to find a better job but not on that level. In less words sometimes he says certain things to me like if he wanted me to be a reflection of her, he wan
  4. Hey, I have been with my boyfriend for almost a year now, he is awesome, treats me like a princess, (him and I met January 2018) well in 2017, he started going out and getting to know this other girl which was in his work environment, according to him she was ver successful in her management job, so she flirted with him, and it seemed like she liked him. This girl was going through a bad time, her boyfriend had dumped her for another woman, who happened to be his ex. So well my boyfriend liked her alot, his feelings were developing rather quickly for this girl, than her feelings for him. So
  5. Hi, well he mentioned her due to something that we were talking about, due to relationships and what is meant to be, he had thought that this girl was the one. the funny thing is that at the beginning of our relationship, he mentioned her but very lightly, no details, but like about a month and a half ago, he talked about her on Saturday and then on Sunday and that is where I got to get to know more about her and them. it just came up, so he did not start to talk about her out of thin air,it was a topic than him and I were discussing and I guess her used her as an example. But my friend tol
  6. He told me that this thing between them vanished, he got tired, fed up, he told me that at the beginning he felt a very quick emotion/illusion for her, FACT IS: he realized that he was more interested/invested in her, than she was in him, cause at the end he got to see who she was (Diva, insecure, etc) he said she had like personal problems, cause her boyfriend had dumped her for this blonde girl, so my bf did not understand why! Because he says this girl is way prettier, good person, good job etc, so he started with the whole she was even asked if she wanted to model, blah, b blah, I don’t un
  7. Hi, thank you!!, this man has been wonderful, pleasing, giving, noble, he is in fact a very good man, but my issue is that he loves to talk, and is basically a peoples pleaser, if you did something good to him or helped him with something, he will be grateful with you for the rest of his life!! and I don't know if he just does not see, that some things can bother, or that perhaps talking about them is not right or what, I mean he is not a kid, he is 47, I am not saying he talks about this women all the time, he barely does, but there was a weekend where he opened up about her and him, and the
  8. Hi, I put him in his place and I was right, this girl is after him, he even told me that she asked him if they can go to the movies together, and I did see this message when I snooped through his phone, but according to my boyfriend he said no and just started putting her at arm length, this girl sounds so desperate sending him messages, it's crazy. He says that he never ''thought'' that she liked him cause she never told him anything or did anything inappropriate until she asked him to go to the movies together and that's where he said to himself this is not right and she is going a little to
  9. Hi everyone, so not so long ago my boyfriend of 8 months which is older than me, we were talking and I guess that during our conversation something triggered him to talk about a girl, who last year (Feb-2017) he met in his work area, she is a Senior management administrator of a beautiful building and he is part of a group of engineers who were working in that building, so he told me that she was very flirtatious, he thought she was engaged because of a ring she had, but then she appeared without the ring, cause her boyfriend had dumped her for his ex girlfriend, so well my boyfriend which by
  10. No not at all, he invited her and her aunt besides our family members to our house warming get together, she knows he is my boyfriend.we met in the House warming get together.
  11. Exactly, I just cant believe he is that oblivious about her, I think he knows very well the whole situation, or does not want to accept it.,he told me about two weeks out of the blues that, they were planning or thinking of doing business together. I dont like this!!!!! I don’t know exactly what is going.!!! he should not accept that this woman is always wanting to go out with him, she even asked him what he was going to do on a certain night, if they could go out, and then she asked to go to the movies with him, these messages are from like about a mile month and a half ago. In two time He
  12. I agree with both of you, and yes my bf has a problem that I have as well. we try to be too friendly in a good way and it can easily be mistaken with( at least in my case with the fact that maybe I like the other person,flirting or whatever. cause I know this has happened to many people getting the idea that you like them because you are too friendly and nice with them. Which is totally not the case is simply my personality. Should I keep looking on their conversations to see where this leads to? and then just talk to him and make a decision? I don't want to destroy a nice relationship that
  13. The reason why I know more about them talking, is because YES I FEEL GUILTY BUT I went through his phone, curiosity was just killing me, so I went through it and some messages. so He does not know by a bit that I am feeling this way after I saw the messages, cause I have been loving and caring with, I don't want him to suspect, cause that way when I talk to him its just going to sound like an appropriate conversation, to see what is going on between them. Yes I FEEL anxious. I feel he is not cheating or anything, but she is just getting too much in the wayy. wanting to go out with him, etc
  14. @sosavvy, Exactly, I don't think it's him, perhaps he is oblivious to the fact that this girl likes him, but my aunt which is an older woman told, that HE has to know that she likes him and wants more, he would have to be dumb to not notice that she likes him (He is 47 y/o) I am 30, and she also told me that she does not believe that he is cheating with her or doing nothing bad, BUT she definitely THINKS that SHE IS AFTER HIM FOR SURE!. my Aunt went to the housewarming party as well as my grandparents, and my aunt was checking her out, cause I told her so, That Day I got A really BAD VIBE. I c
  15. @sosavvy He has been a very good man to me, pleasing,good,noble. etc, my family likes him a lot, we have been together for 8 months, but his main problem is that he is always trying to help people, always very talkative(He loves to start conversation for example when we go to a restaurant he starts talking to the hostess, Oh i was this or that, and so on this is his personality) I WONDER IF HE LIKES ATTENTION?!! I am not saying it in a bad way, but I have always got the feeling if this is the reason why he likes being so TALKATIVE!!!. His mom told me he has always been a very good and respectf
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