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  1. I've worked with my boss for 9 months. I'm a 24 yo lady and he's around 43 (divorced with 2 kids). Ever since day 1 there has been sexual tension between us. He is nice, handsome, sexy and very understating (I've always had a crush on him, and I'm sure I'm not the only one because he's charming!) He has shown special interest in me, but lately he started acting sexual towards me. - He always prefers to text me at night, and sometimes after midnight (when he's horny) he starts sexting me but not directly. For example, he sends me inappropriate emojis that show he would love to sleep with
  2. So this guy is really confusing me!! Things he did when we used to meet during my training: 1. He puts a LOT of effort to help me out with ANYTHING I need 2. He is always around me and wants me to notice him by passing or showing up in front of me. If he knew I'm going to a certain place I know I will find him there 3. He likes to talk to me and often says hi to me when he sees me somewhere, even if he was with his friends (he's not shy as you can see, very outgoing) 4. He gave me his number (he did not give his number to my female friends in the other team - he once wanted to send th
  3. Thank you all for your replies :) Most of you are asking why I think there is no future at all, and the answer is not that we come from different cultures, but it's that we have totally different faiths! This is a huge conflict that neither our religions nor our families will accept. It basically cannot happen at all, not in a million years unless we have the same faith only. We are actually not dating. We just hang out as friends. I think even if he wants us to date he wouldn't risk our friendship by asking me out officially due to my conservative family and culture. I guess we
  4. He's been living here for 7 months so far and will stay for a minimum of 2-3 years, but he told me he really likes the place so he plans to stay even longer. I'm from Dubai and he's European, so we're basically from different continents.
  5. So I’ve known this guy for 4 months. He’s living in my country for work and we are from totally different cultures and religions. Basically, even if we end up falling for each other it’s impossible for us to get married in the future because of the different religions and he already knows that. Three weeks ago he was in his hometown to visit his family and he told them about me. He was actually convincing me to fly with him to meet his family, but I told him that I can’t. Yesterday, we were hanging out and his mom called so he asked me if it’s okay to start a video call so we both say hi to
  6. Hi So I decided to bring a "thank you" cake on my last day with an incredible team that I've worked with for few months. But there is this guy from the team who helped me big time during my training at this company. I liked him and I guess he liked me too because I used to see him around me EVERYWHERE I go. He liked to chat with me and show me stuff and after some time he asked me for my number. Anytime I would tell him, "Hey you should try this thing it's great", next morning he would tell me that he did! Anyways, this guy found a better job so he resigned and was leaving the company to
  7. ..and sorry I also posted the following reply yesterday but somehow it got deleted. But.. why would he think of that when he already knows from start that we can't be anything more than friends? It's actually his first time moving outside his country but I'm sure it's not his visa though because I know he's still working at a very well-known company here and it's where I met him actually. I'm not an employee there but I still see him around sometimes and he smiles at me and maybe waves but that's all. I don't know how I should feel about this :( It's just sad...
  8. But I still can't understand why would anyone want to date someone they already know they can't have future with! That's why I thought he just saw me as a friend and nothing more. And about your question, I understand why you find it weird that I am so upset when he's just my friend. It's actually that I've always wanted a guy friend, because I honestly enjoy the company of guys more than girls. But I had terrible experiences before with guys in my area where they end up confessing their feelings to me although I only saw them as friends. I told him about this too and he found it weird and
  9. Hi everyone! So I was friends with this guy for a couple of months. He moved to my country 4 months ago for work and he was happy that I am his first local friend. We both love cultures so we got along very well, it felt like we knew each other from a long time! He used to text me everyday and call me sometimes. He also once invited me for a coffee and we enjoyed having deep conversations about the most random things. He also opened up to me one day and told me about his love story and how it ended. Anyways, I really like him and he seemed to really like me as well. ********* Ju
  10. Hi So I've just started working for less than two weeks and I'm the only lady in the department and this guy is almost my age (I'm 22, he's I think 24) and is always friendly with anyone. We spend 7 hours a day together and we are just colleagues, not even friends and here are some things that I have noticed: 1. He puts some effort to help me out with my reports and even calls his friends to help 2. He "accidentally" touches me and leans towards me quite often 3. He is around me ALL the time! If he knew I'm going to a certain place I know I will find him there 4. He finds the
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