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  1. Can somebody explain love bombing? I’ve not heard this before and a few people have said this?
  2. I feel I was nothing but a rebound to him... but then to get with someone else just a week later and be engaged so quickly... another rebound?! Feel like I got caught up in some guys mental relationship cycle I dunno, maybe he’s still messed up after his divorce
  3. What was said here I’m confused? Lots of posts missing?
  4. I knew he was trying to move things quickly with me, I was the one holding back but I did meet him at a time in my life when I was vulnerable I guess as I’d been caring for my mum whilst she was dying Didn’t expect to meet someone who’d hurt me like that though. I don’t think I asked for it which it feels like ur all saying!
  5. I didn’t “do it anyway” - I didn’t move in with him and I put the brakes on re meeting his children.
  6. - long story short my ex freaked out after my mum died, left me and then found someone else a week later, lead me on for probably 4-5 months staying in contact saying he had feelings for me still etc I recently cut off contact as seeing his social media and hearing him telling me how happy he was with this new person was stopping me moving on He then tells me he’s engaged to her now... After just a couple of months with me he’s telling me he loves me, wanted me to move in with him (I said no as I felt it was too soon), introduced me to his two kids after 3 months (as I resisted for t
  7. I suppose despite what he’s put me through I still love this guy as I can’t seem to get over him - I don’t know if it’s because I’m grieving for my mum too that I’m more vulnerable but I’m really struggling :( Had he just left me alone maybe I’d have been ok But the don’t contact me and then him contacting me has just thrown me off again - if he’s so happy elsewhere then surely he wouldn’t contact his ex I just wish I could feel better and get over this but I feel like I’m grieving for two people I loved and it’s really hard I told him not to contact me again which is probably best
  8. So I’ve done well (I feel) as I’ve left things as they are - after telling him we shouldn’t be in touch as I’m with someone now and I told him I didn’t want to hear from him again (a month ish ago now) Couple of questions: - likely his relationship is still going South when he said he was “very happy”? - or likely he’s just said that 1- to save face and/or 2- to hurt me? They’re still together though so looks like it’s working out I’m not bitter honestly I’m a good person I’m just very hurt. But I am staying away from him and I’m determined not to talk to him again Thanks for
  9. Today I’m having a wobble again - missing him, know he doesn’t deserve it, know he’s happy with her (as that’s what he said) but I think about him all the time and still wish things weren’t working out for him. It hurts that I’m still alone, lonely and feeling unloved whilst he’s all loved up and blissfully happy acting like he never gave two hoots about me. I wish he’d never contacted me again, I was doing so well. I see no reason why he did that seeing as he’s with someone else. We’ve been broken up for five months (same length of time he’s been with her) so there’s clearly no hope hel
  10. So I wish I’d have taken your advice but sadly I was weak and didn’t - I replied to him telling him he should be focussing on his relationship rather than contacting me etc - I told him I’m with someone else (hoping hel not contact me again) and therefore don’t want to be in contact with him He replied saying he only contacted me as he felt he’d been abrupt and for no other reason. He said he’s glad I’ve met someone and he hopes he makes me as happy as I deserve. He then proceed to tell me he is very happy. Sorry I bothered as I just feel sad again now that he’s so happy and I’m bloody n
  11. *treated me badly during the break up & afterwards not during the relationship I tend to agree with you which is why I’ve not replied I just feel a bit conflicted
  12. So I’ve posted on here previously after my ex treated me pretty badly Last time we spoke months ago he had said he didn’t think we should be in contact as he was with someone else now (person he’d got with a week after we split up) - I told him I was happy for him and was cool about it and he replied “thank you” I received a message from him this week: - saying sorry if his last message just saying “thank you” was abrupt and saying it’s been on his mind ever since - saying he meant it to mean he was thanking me for understanding his situation (being with someone else) and that it
  13. Do you all think I was just a rebound to him? Have I now set him up to be happy with someone else or is she a rebound too?
  14. Do you guys think his new relationship will last? Is he really super happy, loved up etc?
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