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  1. Why are you trolling me by shaming me and sub-linking to my other post?
  2. Life is short. Haven't spoken to an ex, love of my life in over 3 years. I was thinking of reaching out and saying hello. We had an amazing time together, but the timing just wasn't right. I'm reading all these posts about how people, against all odds can reconnect -- why not give it a shot? It may hurt to find out she's moved on emotionally, is married, etc. we're in our early 30's. But why not take a shot? Am I completely out of bounds here?
  3. Also, my therapist recommended I write to her. Literally his words were "in my experience, people who aren't prone to long term relationships generally stick that that pattern, I bet she's single".. So after this is all said and done I may be looking for a new shrink.
  4. In all likelihood I will send the email -- And I appreciate everyone's input. It's got me thinking I should maybe temper down the 'love of my life' stuff -- and make it a shorter email, basically seeing where she's at and hoping she's happy wherever that may be.
  5. Thanks for taking the time to read this: My ex and I broke up 4 years ago -- We broke up because we both had deep seeded jealousy issues that were unfounded -- she was jealous of a plutonic female friend of mine and it became toxic. She had trust issues stemming from a past relationship. At the time It hurt like crazy, but I thought I would get over it fine. I think we've grown, emotionally from that time. We hung out a year later, we were both dating other people, and it was clear we both still had feeling for one another. We havent seen eachother or spoken in almost 3 years now. I think about her all the time. She's never far from my thoughts. She's the love of my life. This past year i've written about 10 emails that i've deleted, re-written and then trashed again. I can't bring myself to send it. Part of my is terrified to find out that she's married or has had kids. But there's a strong possibility of that. I guess I just need to know at this point. Last time we talked she'd moved across the country to be with her BF. I assume she's still there but I don't know. I have no idea. So i've written her an email, basically saying how some events recently have got me thinking about her, wondering how she's doing -- that she's on my mind a lot, etc. Should I drop the, you're the love of my life thing? or is that too much? it's the truth, and if this is the last time she hears from me I want her to hear it. What do you all think?
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