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  1. Im going to piss people off, but here goes anyway. Based on what youve written here, you are not a kind person. You speak highly of yourself, even tho you mention wanting cancer.... and you speak poorly of your wife. I wouldnt sleep with you either. Maybe you should try showing her your good side... if you were my husband, Id be turned off too. Most women want a partner that shows them love and attention and affection in a positive way. It doesnt seem like you do that at all.
  2. Wow, I could have written this exact same post. I totally understand what you are going through. Its so difficult when the one thing you need you are getting from someone outside your relationship. My husband and I have been going to therapy for over a year now. Its not helping. while work is a huge distractor, the thing that is keeping us together is medical conditions. Good luck, I would love to hear how things turn out for you.
  3. you married someone you have known for 3 months without a real relationship, and you arent sure why there are issues? umm...
  4. Im in a very close situation. I would love to hear the advice ... and what you end up doing.
  5. You are at a crossroads and need to make a decision. do you want to stay with the father of your child, or do you want to leave the relationship? Stop messing around with the guy you met online. He is a distraction from the real issue here. Take to your SO about your concerns. The guy should play no part in the decision. Decide first what is best for you and your child. Worry about the rebound relationship later.
  6. she contacts you.. and you answer. what are you missing here? you are obviously young. If you want things to be over, put your foot down. She still has a foot in the door, and every time you reply... the door stays open longer.
  7. kinda depends on what he wants to do, right? Does he want to stay with the girlfriend, or leave to go be with the other woman? Now there is a child involved.Adds a whole new layer.
  8. consider postponing things. try counseling if you really want to try to make it work. you have different styles...you gotta learn to work together, or go your own ways.
  9. This was 100% my husband and I before we got married. We dated pretty young, and werent really sure if we were "right" for the forever.... We took a 6 month break.. dated other people, and ended up back together. Sometimes it takes a break to see what you have.. or maybe it opens your eyes. Dont give in to a demand you arent ok with.
  10. run, quickly. Dont ever put up with someone calling you names. There doesnt sound like there is anything appealing about this guy. Why stay?
  11. My husband and I talked about one before we got married. We had a crappy dating life, and I think we were both prepared for things to not work out. The only thing we probably would have tried to include was that we each keep our retirement. We ended up not doing it. We have a "gentlemans agreement" to leave our retirements alone. It can be beneficial if 1 person comes into the marriage with more assets than the other party. i was hesitant, but I see the point.
  12. I dont know how old you are (how significant the 2.5 years are), but this is over. You had sex all the time when you were first together, and half way thru the relationship he gets panic attacks? nope. red flag.
  13. um, Tinder is for people that want to hook up, so thats probably why he was touching you. Try a dating site, not a hook-up site.
  14. I totally get that. I had the same issue with my husband (on occasions, not often). He never cared either.. we got creative and took care of things in other ways when I ran out of steam.
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