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  1. Our relationship lasted for 6 months we had our ups and down like all relationships do, when we have arguments and when I am not the one at fault and she is, she would blame me for it, never once has she admitted he was wrong or guilty of anything. She stopped calling me after 3 months in the relationship and said her phone was broken and that she will buy a new one, so I did not think much of it and waited, but even until this day she hadn't bought a new phone but had used her sisters phone (I know her sister) to text me, but didn't even call me. She had 2 facebook accounts and blocked me with the second account so I had no idea about it, until had a suspicion that she was hiding something from me, i asked her if she was being honest with me and she said she isn't hiding anything, so I went ahead and made a fake facebook account and found out that she had been seeing another guy behind my back 2 months ago. I confronted her about it and she acted like she didn't care then I broke up with her, even after everything weve been through? I blocked her first account and was still blocked on her 2nd hidden account. its been 6 days since we broke up and I went into NC, and after a few days of NC had she unblocked me from her hidden facebook account, i saw this when she popped up in my suggest friends why not just leave me blocked? Is she playing games?
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