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  1. Being the baby mama and after 9 years if she really doesn't have feelings for the guy then if like to continue on. I'm going to try and have a talk with her after work. I'm still hung up on the fact of if you have no intent how do you end up going from a fire to a guys room and being close enough to him to be felt up. No me and the other girl aren't really on talking terms and would just tell the girlfriend I was digging and cause more problems. Should have mentioned that were also in our 30s so were not like some puppy love high school couple.
  2. Yes we've been living together for almost 9 years. We had a rocky start but I thought everything was going better. No I can't get her to talk about it. I've tried asking how you end up in a guys room and close enough to him for him to try feeling you up but she won't talk about it. Her sisters husband sent me screenshots of the conversation between her and my girlfriend.
  3. My girlfriend has been talking to an old friend of hers as she claims. The messages are very flirty and he thinks I'm just her baby daddy. She went to the bar with her sister the other day and I found out that afterthe bar, her and another friend went to a fire at his place, her and my girlfriend ended up in this guys room. He then decided to bang the one while trying to get his hands down my girlfriend's pants who then claims to have left. I feel the situation is in appropriate considering we have a child. She thinks I'm crazy for being upset. She didn't tell me any of this I was shown the messages she sent to her sister. Until I told her I seen the messages she tried to claim she was at the bar until 4am it's illegal to serve alcohol after 2am here. How should I feel ?
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