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  1. I’ve contacted the resource center for supervised visits. And I am going tomorrow to provide documentation to the school. Thank you for your help, I’m hoping this situation gets better.
  2. Not asking about child support. I’m asking is it too much to ask that he simply makes sure that it is okay to get her first before picking her up and saying HEY I TOOK HER. I want it to be a habit, what if we have plans (this has been the case before) or she has a Doctor’s appointment etc etc.
  3. She didn’t call him, that’s not what my post states. He went to her school to see her and then took her because she asked to go. She’s 7. It was 3 hours before school let out. I explained to him he needs to make sure it’s okay because she and I may have plans.
  4. He pulled a gun out on me twice. Cocked it back. Threatened my job, constantly destroyed things in my house, would pour water on me while I was sleep to make me talk to him, block my car in so that I could not make it to work. My previous post is not my life. And this post wasn’t for anyone to decide whether the order is warranted, that wasn’t my question so stick to the subject at hand before you go assuming everything wrong. And I didn’t cheat, we weren’t together when I moved on. Thank you.
  5. The only thing I ask for is $30 a week plus field trip cost which hasn’t been an issue getting. My main concern is not wanting to seem like I’m trying to control everything. I feel like it still should be asked if it’s ok to pick her up versus picking her up and saying I got her.
  6. So I finally broke up with my ex and kicked him out. I had to get a protection order because of threats and violence. So now I’m not sure if I’m being too hard or what, but I think I’m fair. I have a protective order against my child’s father, only for me. However there is specific jargon about his right to see her basically saying everything needs to communicated through his sister, who is our point of contact. He’s upset because having a Protective order against him takes his right to carry or possess a firearm away from him. So he can basically see her as long as it’s not an inconvenience to me. We communicate through the sister and we make arrangements for my daughter to see him, which usually I’ll drop her to the sisters house and then pick her up. But one day he decided to go get her from school without asking if it were ok or letting me know. I went to pick my daughter up from cheer and they informed me she wasn’t there. Of course I was upset. I told him that I would have the order modified to say specifically that I need to be notified and that it’s okay. I hadn’t had time to do it. So today I got a text from his sister saying my daughter wanted to go with her dad so he has her. And again like disrespect slapped in my face because he didn’t confirm that it was okay before he picked her up so it’s like while you’re telling me you have her you’re still going about it the wrong way. And they have an event at school tonight and $150 is due for a trip. So I explained that wasn’t the right way to do it but since he had her to take her to the event and pay the $150 for the trip( the trip he says he can’t pay anything on until maybe Friday). Now he dropped her to his sisters house where she says she will bring her home. Well she’s suppose to be in cheer after school and I have a new address which I want neither of them aware of my new address. So I don’t know what to do. I spoke with the advocate that says I can file a motion for contempt or to modify or both. But I want him involved with my daughter but not just anyway he feels he can do it. And he also talks bad about me to her which I don’t appreciate so it’s like I’m not sure if she should even be around him without supervision.
  7. Recently split with child’s father. Very long and toxic relationship (read previous post), however I’m trying to help my daughter deal with it. Currently there is a TPO in place until 10.17 and he cannot visit her, but he can talk to her. He hasn’t attempted to call yet, I imagine because i put him out that his pride is hurting. This morning she said she misses him and wants to see him, and I don’t want her to be in school sad. What can I do to make this process smooth. It’s only been three days since I officially put him out and got TPO (temporary protection order).
  8. You were a Godsend. That message hit me hard. Thank you.
  9. I agree, it's time to get real and honest. However, I think my main focus is parting way since we live together. I don't need any government assistance. the financial aspect alone is okay, I just don;t like his irresponsibility. Thank you for your advice.
  10. I work a regular job in the day and braid hair at night, all night. Currently, I'm looking to get involved in my community more and building my spirit again. I definitely don;t want her to see this as normal nor internalize it. I will work on every aspect, thank you, such great advice. I'm hopeful.
  11. I don''t understand completely but I was hopeful in thinking like most people he could and would change. the post doesn't say anything about me not caring for myself, however doing what's best for my child is definitely agreeable. Thank you.
  12. My thoughts exactly in reference to respect, thank you.
  13. I definitely agree about dysfunction and damage. And you're absolutely right. I can definitely be a better example to my daughter than I am showing her now. Thank you so much.
  14. To be quite honest, counseling won't help. He's stuck in his ways. I just have to be done. Thank you for your help. I will get through this.
  15. To be quite honest, counseling won't help. He's stuck in his ways. I just have to be done. Thank you for your help. I will get through this.
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