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  1. But what is he trying to say? He does not want to speak about it. And I am worried. Please help
  2. Can someone please help me with this? Please...
  3. Hi everyone, Need some help with this. What are your views on this? Need some dissection. Burning slow because I let it go; the unselfish darkness devours me within; for a promise 'not to come back', my pain paints pictures...
  4. No we don’t. Not at all. I was home with the kids when he is out. He says he is out with his friends. But sometimes he comes home the next morning saying he was too drunk and so he stayed over at a hotel. Sometimes he comes home at ard 5 or 6 am when he had been out since 3pm. I’ve given him all the freedom he needs. In fact on our wedding anniversary this year he was out with some friends. And the “OW” was there. He left Home at 3ish and only came home at 7 in th morning. Am I thinking too much? Or has he fallen in love with another girl and not able to face the truth as he is very afraid to lose his kids.
  5. No idea who the emails are from. I think it was from the OW but he showed me a whatsapp text of her saying that it wasn’t her. My girlfriends who are very close to him too. They are married to his close friends. They are asking these based on his sudden change in the changes on whatsapp but no changes on FB or IG. I have no idea if the OW has really left. I took his word for it. The other day I checked his whatsapp and didn see any messages from her but that she was still on his contact list. If she was a problem and could be a problem why not just block her and move on?
  6. Some of our mutual friends have seen them together. Quite close. But he claims it’s because they have been very good friends. I have no other evidence otherwise. Never thought too much abt it till these cries. I have asked him what these have been about. He just brushed it off as nothing. And there the conversation stops. Cannot ask him anything further as he isn’t going to be pleased. Have tried different means and now I’m at my wits’ end so I’ve turned here for advice as to what I should be understanding from this sudden behaviour.
  7. Hi, So my Husband has supposedly been seeing another girl. They have known each other for the last 10 years but I was told anonymously that they have been seeing each other for the past 1.5 years. When I spoke to him about it and showed him the emails I was sent, he denied everything and told me that she has been just a good Friend and nothing more. He even got the girl to text him to say that she was not the one who sent those messages. And told me that if it makes me more secure he will cut all ties with her. I trust him which I ought to do since it was my husband’s words against an annonymous. We have been married for 12 years with 2 beautiful children whom he adores. Since then everything with us has been good and back to normal. Till recently. I noticed that he had been changing his whatsapp profile pictures once every two days. Which he has nvr done before. He has had pictures for years or months. However that did not raise any red flags. Until some of our friends texted me to check if he was alright because he has been changing his whatsapp status as frequently as his pictures. The statuses from ‘let it burn, let it burn...’ to ‘LET IT BURN’. His recent profile picture is with him with flames around it with an all caps shoutout. He hasn’t been doing that on his FB or IG. Pictures and shoutouts are the same. I found out the “OW” was never friends with him on these social media platforms and is only on his whatsapp. He has not blocked her on whatsapp. He sounds upset via his statuses but why though. If he is working it out with me then why does he sound upset over whatsapp. When he’s home he seems fine with all of us. Are these shoutouts for the OW? Am I missing something? Are there red flags I’m unaware of? It got me thinking because I had friends asking me if my Husband is ok. The only thing that has happened to him is the “OW” leaving. Everything else is fine. Home life. Work life. Need perspectives! Thanks.
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