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  1. Thanks for everyone's advice :)
  2. I moved into the rented place because she has a business near her rented place and all of her clients are close to her. Also, her father lives close to her as well. My family and job are close to my house but I decided to move anyway.
  3. Hi, I met my partner about two years ago, and I lived in a house which is mine (which is mortgaged), and she lived 30 miles away in rented accommodation. After the first year of the relationship, she said she wanted kids (as she was 40) and I said no because I didn't know her long enough to bring in another life into the world. In the second year of our relationship, I moved into her rented accommodation and I pay for all the food bills plus I still have to pay all the bills on my mortgaged property. She pays all the bills/rent on the rented place. Her mum has passed away and left her a house (mortgage free) which is about 200 miles away. Now my partner has to pay bills for her rented place and pays minor bills on her new house 200 miles away. She has now said, that I should sell my house and move the contents of my house into storage, then one day move from the rented house and buy a house together. I earn triple a month on what she earns, but when she sells her mums house, she will be wealthier than me. We both don't want to get married. So the question is, should I sell my house or should she move into my house from the rented accommodation? Do you think because I live in the rented accommodation 7 days a week and I pay all the food bills and going out bills, and she pays or the regular bills that that is fair?
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