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  1. It's a lot less complicated than I make it seem but I left my mark and now there is no way back to her unless I show up by surprise next wednessday. Nobody can know about it or else my next move will be exposed and I will be held back by the higher power. How do I go about this? I have no idea what she needs but I fell madly in love last week and became so scared that I left. It made me realize that she is the only one for me so I really want a way back. Next week I know where she is going to be. I'm not quite sure if I am allowed to get in the building. It's legal, don't worry, it's just v
  2. No, but would you leave her because she broke her leg? Or would you stay with her and care for her a little more than usual? I'd choose the latter.
  3. It's only a lack of understanding that causes people to leave. If you have the experience to heal their mental illness would you leave simply because it's toxic, even though for the moment they can't help it? Even though you know you can help them? Like I said, if you are unable to deal with it, then sure, leave them. But if you are able to help them, why leave? You can label my words as cognitive distortions but I'm not telling anyone what to do here, I'm not trying to convince anyone of what is "true" or "false", I'm merely just asking questions to help make the decission. And yes, there
  4. Call me crazy but concider staying with her too. Equally weigh out both the good and bad parts. This is not my opinion to convince you to leave because I label her as toxic. You and ONLY you know her better than everybody else here. Personally I could stay with somebody who has a mental illness I know a lot about, or have experienced myself. Why? Because I know what that person went through and so I also know what they need the most to calm them down. I believe that only people who don't fully understand her mental illness would simply leave her. It's only abusive if you are unable to deal
  5. Definitely. If one is not emotionally available, how can you trust that person not to F*** around, or trust them at all? It's those exact emotions that tell you a lot about what a person is up to. The same goes for you and it has to be mutual.
  6. Very interesting! Or what if we would simply get returned to earth in a new body and experience all pain over again because we didn't learn our lessons yet?
  7. Nobody says it literally, that would be plain rude, ovbiously. Sure, we all want the best and we all have the best intentions so we can't blame anyone for it. It just seems that, when stumbling upon someone who claims to be suicidal, so many people just shoot straight into advisor-mode. Default answers would be something like: "Suicide is bad, you know that?" "You only pass the pain onto others." "You will hurt your friends and family." "Suicide is never the solution." Yes, all these things are true! It's just that most people who have real suicidal thoughts have already thought about
  8. I am actually surprised that so many people realize the suicidal ones just need someone to listen. Most suicidal people don't even want you to say something. They don't want you to please them by doing something you think they want you to do. They just need an ear and a good heart to listen.
  9. I wake up every single day wishing I didn't. If only somebody would start asking questions instead of jumping to conclusions like: "Oh, he/she is suicidal so he must be another one of those." and then say he or she is being selfish, or lecture how suicide is not a solution. A suicidal person knows very well what the consequences are. A suicidal person knows very well that it's not the best solution but it's the last resort. It seems that being suicidal is another box to check and determine how to treat someone: "Oh, he/she is suicidal so then I must say this or do that." And even t
  10. Thanks for these replies! This seems like me. I just don't get it most, or actually all of the time. Now I'm the type of person who tries to avoid medication or chemicals at all costs. Is there a natural solution like therapy to learn about these emotions and how to deal with it? I just don't feel like putting toxic meds in my body...
  11. Some say medication is used only to surpress feelings, to pack it down into your archive instead of healing it. My cousin needed a month to find the type of antidepressant that worked for her. After taking these for another whole month, all while also using meds to protect her stomach, she became addicted to them. She had to slowly break down her usage to zero and this took another whole month. After quitting her depression simply showed up again. My doctor adviced me to take medication. Concidering my depression, does medication actually help for the long term? Or might sticking to therapy
  12. Thank you for this recommendation! I'll watch it :)
  13. I understand! I'm still waiting for the therapist to call me for an intake. In the mean time I was just wondering when punishment goes too far. I appreciate this :) it's very clear to me now.
  14. I completely, wholeheartedly agree to this! I don't think any other form of punishment is appropriate really. I'm certainly not trying to point fingers and blame my parents (or anyone), I just want to be a better parent to my own kids when I get them. I used to receive a raising hand from my mother (no ass beatings). I used to receive a lot of cold showers from my dad. He wounded me once by accident and I started bleeding. It was my own fault he said. He also humiliated me in front of a friend a couple of times (never saw that friend again). I used to hear how I was the one who cau
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