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  1. Luckily she has worked in NYC before and knows nearly all the key people to quickly get a job. So again, not really what concerns me.
  2. She was not diagnosed by a doctor, but even she feels she has it. She has mentioned multiple times she wants to see a psychiatrist and wants to get on Xanax (extreme in my opinion). I guess what holds me back from ending things is thinking what if she did get treatment, would things improve. And yes, her idea wanting to move, me paying currently for first month or two. The idea is to split rent in the apartment. She wasn't able to work due to no car, and nearest nightclub is 3 - 4 hours away from where she lives with her parents. Her family has anger issues and is a bit dysfunctional. But to me, she wants to get away from that. So I have sympathy there.
  3. I'm paying. She will have no issues finding job and it's not really a strain on me. The place is furnished for 6 months so not a big deal. Yes, I wouldn't want to lose - for me it's more about my time and stress. I'm having a tough time letting go.. You are right in what you say.
  4. The BPD definitely scares me. Unrelated to this thread, but she has repeatedly told me when she is mad, to not keep talking about said subject. To let her cool off. This is not how I get over things. My problem is just being able to let go because I do love her. She said this group of "friends" goes to Ibiza every year and they are all just friends partying together. I can presume this will be happening more if she is in her "comfort city - nyc" and back to work. She hasn't been working past few months.
  5. We fell for each other very fast, made it official after about 1.5 months. So 7.5 months total. Since then she has wanted to move to nyc but says she stayed where we are now "because of me" - but nyc is in her heart. She is particularly interested in working nightlife and can make more in nyc. To me, it doesn't matter, I'm fine financially anywhere as I run my own biz. But she's said many times she wants to get nyc out of her system.
  6. The apartment will by [our] second home for only 6 months in nyc. It's already paid for this month and security deposit. This trip just came about 2 - 3 days before the 1st. At first it was supposed to be in another city, and now it is in Ibiza.
  7. I appreciate your responses very much. And yes, this has been a concern for me. But even I have issues with letting go it seems. Not sure what to do in this situation. I know she is not doing anything at this moment, but she seems to be the type that "likes" being around "nice" things. And her way of being shown love is with gifts - which she has repeated many times.
  8. I'm sure she'll never come out and say "I did this" but she has severe anxiety and from what I think possibly Borderline Personality Disorder.. so she has made many rash decisions in past to break up for 1 - 2 days or even a few hours.
  9. 6 months. I have not met any of her friends, except for 1 gay guy and 2 gf's who don't have best reputation. These two new girls, 1 she is close friends with, the other she just met through her close friend. Thanks. Her 2 other gf's recently became single. First day, one of them started hooking up with one of the 4 guys. Now, the other one seems to be cozying up according to social stories. She's been wanting to move to another major state [biggst city in US] because where we currently are she is "depressed" - hence why she says she is having a good time for once after being depressed. Also, I had a business trip a few weeks ago which I was supposed to go alone. It was morning til night work. She insisted she come, which she did - but kept nagging for my time and said I don't show her enough affection. I told her over text I don;'t like the situation and I feel she is acting single. Her response was: "If you want me to be single, I will" and she also said "You clearly just want to push me away." She says she is having a good time and I am trying to ruin it because I think everyone is trying to her. She is a great looking girl btw.
  10. When I brought it up, she acted very defensive about it. She says I am ruining her trip and for once she is having a good time. Her social media posts all suggest these guys are just trying to make a move on her and her gf's. Actually, her 2 gf's already hooked up with the guys. She also says my behavior is the reason her friends don't want to meet me.
  11. We are due to move to a new apartment on the 1st (yesterday) - but now delayed a week because a trip to Ibiza came about. She said it was people in her club industry but turns out it is some trust fund guys who are hosting a bunch of girls at a house in Ibiza for a week. Her trip and her 2 gf's trip was paid for by the guy in the club industry, and his friends are hosts at the house. There are 3-5 more girls at the house roughly. When she left, she didn't say she didn't know these guys. She's been hanging out with them the same crew the whole time. A few days into the trip, I text her saying I am not ok with her going on trips paid for by guys she has not met, but she assures me nothing is going on. Am I being too jealous, should I let her have her fun and trust her? She tells me she likes to travel and meet new people and I don't. But says she isn't doing anything with them. Your thoughts?
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