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  1. hey there, id never thought i’d make one of these posts but i dont know anybody that can relate and help me in this situation. i’m 17, and i’ve currently been with my 21 year old boyfriend for nearly two years now. in the beginning, the sex was amazing. pretty much everyday, sometimes multiple times a day. gradually, it slowed down and now it seems like it came to a complete stop. we pretty much live together, and we didnt have sex for a month. not even on my last birthday. what i think started this is when i developed an eating disorder not long into our relationship, and dropped 40 pounds. he likes thicker women, and now im 100 pounds with a small butt and boobs. we’ve discussed my issue with the lack of sex multiple times. his excuses are that he’s lazy, or he’s “seen every part of me. whats the excitement” in january of this year, i caught him cheating. he was texting multiple other girls, but all out of state. he said he only talked to them for attention, when he was bored. i’ve never ever caught him physically cheating, which kind of confuses me even more. what has really pushed me to my breaking point is him now exessively watching porn. he watches it while i go down on him. he’ll make excuses to go watch it in the bathroom, like im stupid. what kind of 21 year old would go jack off in the bathroom rather than have sex with his girlfriend? you’re probably wondering why im even with this guy still. but, our emotional connection is crazy. i knew i’d be dating him from lthe first second i saw him. we’re extremely close, hes been with me through the absolute show that my life has been for the past 2 years. i can’t see myself with anybody else, and yes i know that sounds stupid for how young i am. but at the same time, i dont think i want to be in a sexless relationship in 5 years? i am constantly chased after by other men and he knows this, why are all these guys begging to have just one chance with me but my boyfriend seems like he couldnt care less? do i stay with him, will this ever change? or am i just wasting my time?
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