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  1. Well, we had a unique start to our relationship... We began dating right before I left to spend a year overseas(military), we had of course been friends for several months before this. She is a nurse, and was set on travel nursing/getting to work in different parts of the country.however, she decided not to so she could be home when I got back. But this wasn't at all so we could get married, it was so we could actually begin dating and get to spend time together. At this point, when I had left, we had not even been on an "actual" date yet. So we were both looking forward to getting to actually
  2. Yeah, I understand how she feels; we both love each other and have been together a respectable amount of time. So she figures we should get married. However, she doesn't take into consideration outside factors such as school, etc. In her mind, if I don't want marriage right now it must mean I don't feel the same way about her and she's not good enough...
  3. I love my girlfriend and enjoy being with her and she feels the same about me, however she desperately wants to get engaged/married soon( It seems that she is unable to be happy with any compromise at all. If it's not as soon as she wants, it's too long. She feels very strongly about this and brings it up quite periodically, the other night she got upset and cried for a while over it. I just couldn't give her the answer she wanted to hear, there's no appeasement. She thinks that I don't want the same things that she does and that I don't feel the same way, but I do love her, I just don't wan
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