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  1. I know. I don’t know why I’m tryin g to make it all work out.
  2. A few the stupid usual . So me were over her doing kings like driving drunk. Some were over me asking questions after she cheated on me. The one yesterday or when ever was over her talking to this new guy. All she wanted to do was bring him up from the start of our conversation. The last time she broke up with me she did the same stuff and we ended up getting back together. But the fight the other night I have no clue. It was bad
  3. Yes we did have a nasty fight. And yes I did apologize. She’s just being hard headed. And honestly at this point I have no clue what to do
  4. Her stuff is still there. She’s staying in the downstairs area. And honestly idk if she’s really talking to this guy. She claims to but she’s always at home. Never goes out. Ect
  5. So my fiancée left and it’s been on and off. She has been doing like saying I hate you I never want to see you, changing her number, and doing other crazy stuff, and talking to a new guy apparently and trying to make me jealous. But on the other side she has been talking to me because we live together still. And she has been calling me and asking me for help of an unknown number. Do you think she is completely done or do you think she’ll come back eventually?
  6. So do you think we can bounce back and heal from this over time??
  7. You honestly think that even though she’s doing all this ie blocking, making me jealous, saying she never wants to speak, ect. She still cares??? And do you think time and space will honestly help??
  8. So why would she be making me jealous??
  9. No it’s not that I’m attracted to that. She is the only woman who has helped me overcome some of my problems that resulted thanks to the military. I honestly just want her. Back. Not for my ego
  10. You really think that’s the case??? Even though she claims she hates me and wants nothing to do with me. She’s got me blocked too. Do you think she will eventually come back???,
  11. I don’t want her back. I want to understand her mentality. Why she wants to try and do crazy like run me over
  12. Definitely don’t love drama. What I don’t get is why she’s trying to throw the blame on me sayin I’m the bad one.
  13. She’s 21. Yesterday we had a huge fight that resulted in us yelling at each other and her trying to hit me and run me over with her car. She now says she never wants to talk but is still trying to talk about the new man. Last night she was all concerned as to who I was texting. This is all so confusing
  14. Of course I love her. It’s humorous how we got in a huge fight tonight. And then I called to say I’m sorry for being mad. And she starts being concerned with who I’m texting. Starts bragging about her life. Said again she never wanted to talk to me but she did. What does all this mean??
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